This exhibit is an opportunity for those collectors to see the dolls they cherish and for others to discover the history of an industry, rather unknown, even if it’s quite near from us in space and time. Globalization was on its way, with new logics, new dimensions that revealed to be fatal for many small and medium doll makers that decayed in front of multinational companies.

Doll Furga
Dolls from that generation are rarely marked and therefore difficult to identify. These characters were not meant as playthings for children but for window decoration and for teaching the history of costumes in schools. These dolls are rare today and coveted by well-informed collectors. Book values are out of date by the time a book is published.This top quality firm created beautiful composition dolls with expressive faces, harmonious bodies sometimes anatomically correct and well finished outfits.

Masterpiece Doll Jillian And Furga Doll

A video of my two larger dolls shot in better light than the previous one.

Recycling A $. Vintage Furga Doll Into A $. Modern Doll

This doll, a beautiful doll from Italy, Furga or Fugga, had a hard time getting sold through our consignment store. Her original dress …

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