Jumping in at the point where the parts are already cast and painted, they are then strung with metal hooks and springs. Marina, from the porcelain doll parts to the hand made metal work.

Doll Ball Joints
I would never do this with a resin doll, but porcelain doesn’t get stained by dirt or scratched by the soil particles, so it was relatively safe.

I was able to brush most of the sand off her skin pretty easily, but she still needs a wipe down and a vacuum. She sounds worse than she looks, because her joints grate with the sand stuck between them. Used books may not include companion materials, some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include cd-om or access codes.These gorgeous works of art have risen in popularity since their introduction in 1999. The company granted permission to use them as models. In addition to her love of dolls and cats, she has an obsession with unusual hair colors. The photos the author uses to illustrate her how-to-do section are excellent and would be extremely helpful for not only the new doll owner, but also for picking up hints and suggestions you may not have thought of. It is a great resource for doll companies, accessories, etc.

I highly recommend this if you're curious about getting into the bjd hobby!

Making Viola Sculpting My First Bjd (Part 1)

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I have a cold but I really really wanted to get this video done!

This is a journal of my progress so far ...

I think it would have a much broader appeal and become more of a keepsake if the photos represented dolls by many different types of artists and companies. Sure this information may be available online in some way or another, but it's really a relief having it all in one place, especially being new. It is pretty thin (although not as thin as another review made me think) but it's not a story book, it's a resource that you can always refer back to, love it!

It also contains wonderful information on the care and other things associated with these dolls.

I would recommend this book for beginning collectors or anyone interested in learning more about this type of doll. While the book is certainly good introduction for new collectors, it also has a lot to offer those of us who already have the doll(s) of our dreams. It's a plum pudding of tips and clear instructions on the buying, care and maintenance of ball jointed dolls. She addresses how to find that first doll, where to find it, and ways to avoid newbie mistakes. She also covers basic maintenance and adjustment techniques that the new owner will need.

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[Bjd] Gluing And Restringing Tutorial By Willstore [Assembling Minifee Rin]

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Sometimes your bjd loose poseability and can't even stand. And it means that gluing and Restringing time has ...

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