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You will be able to choose your real doll in complete awareness.

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So hesitate no longer and give way to your wildest inspiration… for the pleasure of your eyes and your senses. Here, hyperrealism has been developed carefully for exceptionally gentle and soft sensations which are unbelievably close to those of human skin. The fine details and realism of the texture, aspect, suppleness and softness of their skin may be compared to that of a woman’s skin. Fed up with endless castings to find the ideal model?Her style and her eccentric shapes are greatly appreciated by men who like adventure. The manufacturing process is handmade for a true to life result. Ordoll models are tested and manufactured individually according to your preferences. With magnificent customizable eyes, a body with perfect curves, a flat tummy and high firm buttocks, this pretty love doll is quite simply a success of esthetics and realism. This little love doll will be happy to accompany you and share your experiences and daily life. This magnificent woman has a body which replicates to perfection the feel and the shape of a female body.

Ruth Handler (Inventor Of 'Barbie') R.I.P.

mytalkshowheroes - youtube - 0450 EYE TO EYE. 1994. Ruth Marianna (Mosko) Handler. Born: Nov. 4, 1916. Denver, Col, USA.

Insert is simple and ergonomic for optimal comfort of use and cleaning. When you look at her rosy lips, you can almost hear she whisper into your ear. Her soft and flexible skin give a very great impression of realism. From her delicate facial features to the seducing neckline to those full breasts, tiny waist, and the busty butts, you know she has your attention like that. Her skin is just so soft to touch, that perfectly proportioned breast is just waiting for you to discover. On her innocent yet too sweet face, the lips have the naturally fuller look, and the nose is just so delicate with not a lot of bulk. You'll be amazed by that tiny waist on her body with such voluptuous curve. Able to take on all the realistic positions of the female body thanks to her articulated metal skeleton. Her realism, esthetics and softness are crafted down to the very finest detail.

We commit to carry out a complete quality control check to ensure the conformity of your order before shipping to your address. Our team will ensure the compliance of your order by checking all the desired features. How can you remain insensitive to the beauty of her face, her generous figure, her rounded buttocks, her warm expression and inviting lips?

Perfect for bringing life to your dreams and fantasies, this life size doll is made to high quality standards. A full quality control check completes the production process of your life size doll.

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