Chucky, after some girls put lipstick on him. Chucky, before being shot and having his 4th death in his doll form.

Doll Chucky
Despite being a doll, he has spent so long in his doll body that he has turned anatomically human. Chucky, in all his attempts to using soul transfer on victims. For instance, he's able to throw his knfie from considerable distances and is able to hit his target almost completely on point. Chucky is also very intelligent, capable of planning out complex traps, scenarios, and escaping from many situations.He is able to easily restrain and kill people over three times his size with little to no difficulty. He can also wield many varying types of weaponry with no problem at all. He accidentally gets in the road and he is hit and obliterated by a trailer truck. Alice's unnamed grandmother is possibly asphyxiated with a bag (fate unknown). Chucky then proceeds to rip out one of his lip piercings and suffocates him with a pillow. He was likely murdered by a gunshot to the head.

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He then knocks him loose from the stairs, breaking his neck on impact. He the activates the compactor, gruesomely crush the man inside. He then bludgeons the defenseless woman to death with a yardstick. The force of the shock sends him through a glass sheet. He then scares and provokes him into firing his gun. She falls out of the apartment's kitchen window and lands on a car, dying instantly. He is also politically incorrect and disagreeable, as the idea of a gender fluid child made him feel very uncomfortable. Tiffany and has made other rude and opprobrious remarks towards other females throughout the series, even upon seeing his offspring's lack of a genitals, he defiantly referred to him as a son. Chucky also possesses a sarcastic and manipulative wit and also blurts insults at the most random of times, usually for comedic measure. Chucky's relationship with his children are dysfunctional and mixed with awkwardness. However, their violent natures come into conflict with each other frequently to where they try to kill the other. Chucky is a sadistic, egotistical and foul-mouthed individual. He also holds strong grudges and never forgets when someone has crossed him. Chucky has a problematic relationship with all women in general.

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I learned many things throughout this article and had a few laughs as well. Your comment may take some time to appear. My mission is to find the best stories to share with you. But if you decide to take a picture without getting his permission then a curse will fall on you. If he turns his head after you ask him then it’s okay to take his picture. She carried him everywhere and things seemed to be going along great …until the girl let out a bloodcurdling scream in the middle of the night. She told her parents what had happened: the doll had ran across the room and tried to kill her. During the day the neighbors reported seeing a strange boy in the house while the family was out, and that the boy moved from window to window, peering down at them. One by one they left and their replacements never seemed to last longer a few months.

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That may not have convinced his parents but the housekeeping staff were freaked out to say the least. And at night people would wake to the sound of light footsteps would echoing through the old house, as if someone was running from room to room. His parents would run in and find furniture knocked over or broken and get furious at him. Gene would talk in his normal voice and then another, scarier voice would respond. At first everyone in the house thought it was cute how the two seemed to be best of friends, but then they started to notice unsettling things. It was made to look almost exactly like him, except that it had deep coal colored eyes. Everyone knew that the woman had no choice but to leave the house, but what they didn’t know was that she would leave behind something to show her anger. His family was fairly well off but sadly his parents were unusually strict people that demanded obedience from their housekeeping staff and were quite harsh with them.

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