They do not come with their pets though so you have to buy that separately if you want it. My doll arrived opened, every thing had been removed and taped back together in these cheap plastic bags, even the plastic casing had been ripped off of the cardboard.

Doll Broom
I planned on keeping it in the packaging and displaying it unopened. Her cape came off really easily., but again, fixable. The stands dont fit the size of the doll. The clothes on all 5 are well stitched with the makeup on perfectly.Her hair is a stunning color and the sparking blue glass eyes are so very pretty. And her hair is truly as messy as the reviews say!!!

She is very interested in magic (magic cards, magic tricks, etc.) so these were a perfect addition for her imagination. Her outfit blends high-fashion couture with classical witch mythology, making for a distinctive, whimsical look. A doll stand is included to facilitate posing. The dolls' fantastical theme gives children a framework for imaginative play, encouraging them to come up with their own stories.

She was bummed but loves her doll nevertheless. Had it not been xmas, with many more toys and dolls, she may have been more focused on this but she just let it go. So it gets four stars mainly for such magnificent eyes and overall a good doll, just knocked a star for the flimsy mask. These fully poseable dolls will delight kids six and older with their glass eyes, witchy fashions, and magic spell cards. They're suspended from a twisted, fabric flex to form a cluster of majestic beauty.

Diy Miniature Doll Accessories Mini Broom, Mop And Bucket Easy

Hello there!

Today we're making a mini broom, mop and bucket. Its so easy!

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