I heard it after hearing their second and most recent record. Bought the vinyl hoping to enjoy listening to the album start to finish, but it’s just not the best pressing.

Doll Band
I listen to both albums one right after the other and on repeat. The songs are so different that is doesn't seem like you are listen to just one artist at all. Don't leave this page without downloading this album.

You won't regret listening to these guys.You'll only have to reach for that volume knob once, my friend, because once this album gets going, you'll love every minute of it. So if they're castoffs are that good, imagine the potential greatness of this band. Add to that the fact that they have duel vocalists, and there's a lot going on here. They do the dirty rock well, but they're also amazing at the slower ballads. Every song has a different sound, and while they do share some common similarities, it feels like the band is feeling out the territory. They're brash, they have that dirty sound, and they're radio-friendly.

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Chennai Music Band Doll Ajay Ab Appa Ragu

The new album Boxes featuring the single "So Alive" is available now. Get it here: https://wbr.ec/ggdboxes © 2006 WMG Goo Goo ...

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