You’ll find them with their friends in various life situations like safari, diving, stylish ball and even a wedding. Well, they definitely have to love each other because they are together for over 50 years now!

Barbie coloring pages, like all others, are free to download or print. Yes, she likes animals very much and helps them too. She was the first doll which appeared on series of coloring pages available online. Bettina owns an astonishing number of 15 000 pieces which she has been collecting since 1993.Enjoy your time with the most famous doll in the world and print as many pictures as you wish. It may be a bit hard, but try to guess as many answers as possible.

You can check correct answers straight away. More than 20, 000 coloring books to print and painting.

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Glitter Barbie Dress Coloring Page | Barbie Coloring Book | Printable Barbie Coloring Page | Rainbow

Learn how to color this Glitter Barbie Dress Coloring Page from my Barbie Coloring Book Learn to Draw and Color this Barbie ...

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