The circular half cape is perfect for going to grandmother’s house in – it’s warmth will keep the chill from nipping, but not necessarily wolves. This half cape can be made at different lengths (and materials) to get the look you want.

Doll Cape Pattern
You will need to decide what length of cape you want to make. Cut out 1 of the back (place on doubled fabric on the fold so it will be one large piece ). Cut out 2 of the front cape piece (place on folded cloth so you have a mirror image of the peice). Cut out 2 red riding hood pieces or exterior, and two of the lining (place on folded cloth so you have a mirror image of each one).If making a lining sew the same for a lining. With right side together (exterior of the hood to the right side of the cape). Hood to the cape, lining up the triangle marks. For a more masculine look you can sew a button on one side and use a loop of elastic on the other.

I have a different attitude when it comes to finishing costume pieces – they don’t have to be perfect because they are rarely worn or they are on stage.

I only show on side in the video – you just repeat the same steps on the other side of the cape.

The front pieces you cut (not on the fold) so it is two separate pieces. The tutorial and instructions are not very clear on the fact that the middle section of the cape goes along the folded part of your material (you double the fabric and then cut out the middle section of the pattern). There is no need to “flip” any of the pattern pieces if you cut out the entire thing on doubled fabric.

I liked the fact that it was so quick too!

I did finish all the edges off with my rolled hemmer on my serger.

I have enough prequilted thin batting to add as well. This one will be for cold weather obviously!

If only you had a pattern for : it looks like a cape hood with a scraf attached that crosses in the front of your neck.

I have tried to make the pattern myself but am missing something it doesn’t come out right!

I made this for my almost 6 year old who is playing red riding hood in a school production.

I lined the cape as well as the hood and made the shoulders slightly smaller for her. It looks fantastic and her teacher was very impressed. Is that the child size may be suitable for someone measuring 1 meter 50?

I would recommend assembling the child cape pattern and holding it against you to make sure that it’s what you want before sewing.

You do have the option of making a shorter length of the cape in the pattern so it won’t drag on the ground. It likely won’t trail on the ground (depending on how tall you are), but it will be longer.

I also adjusted the angle of the side seam so the cape wouldn’t widen out as much.

I kept the pattern simple and it’s a circular bottom it’s more complicated than just extending it.

I have tried something new and would like to e-mail the pictures to you just to see what you think. Might be something else that you could add to your website!

I would like to have it almost dragging on the floor. The other lines are to make an even shorter version of the cape. Where would you put slits for your arms to come out?

I needed a pattern for book week, my daughter will be little red riding hood.

ladies simply modest dress c 1
Now will have to explore your site further….

I was wondering if you needed help with something. So either turn it under a. 25 inch twice and sew down the edges – or if it’s just for a costume piece fray check (fabric glue to keep it from fraying) along the edges can be a quick fix too with less sewing. Second, a ham will help with pressing out the hood. And is there anyway to make it longer or shorter?

There are guides built into the pattern to make it a shorter cape or capelet.

I know there are people who have extended the pattern on there own to get the length they want.

I have a new full length cape pattern that’s coming out in a few weeks. My sister cut the front edges on the selvage and as it is just for dress-ups we just left those. Continue to make a so beautiful work!

Maybe ask a friend who sews to make it for you?

Doll Cape Pattern

But she wants the cape to go to the ground.

I saw from other questions that you were thinking about adjusting the pattern for this.

I still want the hood to have some body to it. Perhaps you can tell me which step you are have trouble understanding?

I cant wait to get this made, will post pics when costume is completely done.

I am looking forward to checking out your website to make the kids hats for my little ones. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns – you’re the best!

You are going to do the same thing with the two pieces of the lining hood.

Ladies Simply Modest Dress Pattern

Next take the hood exterior, and the lining, place them right sides together, pin together along the yellow line shown on the 2nd pattern piece in step two. Sew the two hoods together (they should be inside out seams facing you) along the yellow line from one end to the other of the hood front. Also, does this cover both the cape and lining?

The fabric needs to be at least 49 inches wide for a child large and 41 for a child. So it depends on the width of fabric you can find the faux fur in – as it can vary.

I can’t seem to understand how to sew both pieces together. Neither of us have any great sewing ability. Probably took me almost as long to assemble the pattern as it did to actually sew it.

I would love to show you my lovely cape!

I used the max size but it still only goes to my waist. But it’s still cozy and looks way better than a snuggie, heheh.But so happy that for the most part you had success!

It looks so great and was easy to whip together this afternoon. My daughter loves it and it will be so warm for trick-or-treating. If you cut the fabric on folded fabric – you won’t need to worry about flipping it – just cut out both pieces at once. It will show you clearly where they are located. The large child pattern is the same as the adult pattern (30 pieces), but on the grid the large child pattern only has 22 pieces.

Could you please upload the large child pattern?

I couldn’t find red fleece, so used felt.

I added four inches in length to the child large for my 14-year-old daughter. It only took a couple hours, and looks great!

I made a smaller hood and then cut the front edge of the cape to match (decrease in circumference). In the instructions there are photos of much bigger front and back body pieces. The cape pattern is for the easy long cape – which isn’t on this page. What ages/sizes would you say the child size is for?

I would use the child large for the 6 and 7 year olds.

I used artists sketch paper (the big sheets) to place under the pattern at the bottom and extended the lines around 10 inches.

I did this every few inches and then connected the dashed lines to form the circular bottom.

I sewed a trial run on some ugly cotton and it came out great.

I knew how to split that back into 3 panels.Posting the instructions and pictures to instructions is not allowed.

I tend to kind of ‘sew by the seat of my pants’ but didn’t want to waste time and fabric figuring out the large hood so thank you!

But you do whatever you want to make your cape work for you!

Thank you so much for the pattern and instructions!!!!!!!

I made a cloak for my daughter in crushed velvet (sorry!) and it was so easy and turned out beautifully.

I also replaced the button or ribbon for a golden clasp, which looked nice with the fabric. So you will need to find a fabric that width. Where all the children at school dress up as a favourite character from a book.

I made the hood with a newly bought sewing machine.

I also made another little hood for her beloved doll with leftover fabric.

I did it in bright red satin with a bias binding edge and it looks fabulous!

I just made three capes in the last couple of days.

I added a cute button and old fashioned macrame hook closure.

I then wanted to improvise with two more capes and tell you how it went.

I decided to try an easy on cape with hood without front opening ( just put over head).

I cut two of the back pieces that you put on fold and then the hood. The measurements of the hood fit perfectly. There is plenty of room to slip over your head and the cape with the beautiful generous hood looks fantastic. The hobbits’ cape goes down just below the knees.

Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern

I made a full circle red checked skirt, a full circle white lace petticoat and a small matching white apron. So easy but the cape was the main piece which made the whole outfit look so cute.

I would like to know how long the cape is supposed to be.

I am sewing for my wedding so brain is a bit scrambled!!

The pattern is exactly what i was looking for!

I made it using black fleece and added lace around the bottom. Did anybody find a way to make it longer?

I am working on a longer cape that will be out in a few weeks. Would you make the adult size for someone like that, or the child large?

Looking for a cape that fits nicely and doesnt have major excess fabric.

I was wondering if you could tell me the measurement of the 3 different cut out patterns. For example, what are the dimensions of cape cut 1, length, biggest width and littlest width. Thank you for sharing your creation with me!

Of course, my daughter picked out a very messy fabric, it’s shedding everywhere. However, when it’s done it will be so nice!

It falls below her feet, but its not like shell be walking soon haha. And it even fit me going to my waist at 5’6. Glad that this will last as long as i can take care of it.

I am just stuck at the assembling of the hood to the cape.

I was thinking of purchasing online both a velvet material along with a fleece/winterfleece. Do you think this would be too cumbersome and thick to sew this pattern with?

You may want to consider lining the cape with a lighter ( but warm) fabric like a flannel. The rest of the pattern prints just fine.

I am currently working on a cosplay and am making for my friends too. Is it possible to still put a hood on and make the opening to the side?

I want to make a cape for my 5’2″ daughter.I hope it comes out nice but my question is which pattern would you recommend for a 13 year old she about 5’3″ and wears a juniors sml/med.

I tried several times and it just won’t pin.

I suggest putting the pattern together and measuring it to gauge the yardage.

I had previously made the pleated skirt out of cotton for her. It looks complicated but was a breeze to make.

You have made a little 7 year old very happy, which makes me very happy!!

I love all your stuff and the tutorials just amazing!

I lined the cape as well the hood so it is reversible using white swirl fur and white bridal satin.

You might want to finish the neckline with bias tape or turn it under a half inch and sew a zigzag stitch along the edge to finish the collar and prevent stretching.

I then made it out of ivory satan and lined it with white fleece for a very elegant looking winter wedding day cover up.

I made it ankle-length in velvet and did a full lining out of polar fabric.

We used it for our red riding hood costume last year.

I have your site bookmarked in favorites and should have remembered to just come here. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into your site.

You are welcome to print off the pattern and ask a friend to sew it for you.

I was also wondering if it was possible to use a different fabric (instead of fleece) to make the cape. Yes you can use other fabrics as long as they are wide enough and be sure to finish the edges if they are no a knit. Is there a way to omit the hood without the cape looking unfinished?

You could in theory not add the hood and turn the neck section in a half inch and sew down. Paired with the large hood, it becomes very easy for it to slip off. Besides sewing hairpins on the inside, do you have any recommendations?

Maybe a velvet ribbon strip in it to help traction?

Sew the two capes right sides togther, leaving a space for utning in the bottom back of the cape. Turn it right side out and sew the gap closed.

I lengthened the pattern by adding an extra 14 inches along the bottom edge. Wish there was a way to post a photo so you could see the end product.

I was wondering if adding lining to the cape is possible?

I make for a 5 yo – child or child large?

Am cosplaying this year as a vampire red riding hood (yes i know) who fights werewolves and was looking everywhere for an easy hood pattern for my mom to make for me. She knows how to make the cape but the hood was giving her some trouble. Yours was easy, fit with the cape pattern she had done out before and was easy to understand.

ladies simply modest dress c 2