A leak this early for such a high profile game is unusual. Just be sure to play with people you trust.

You play as part of a co-op (up to 8 players) on a mission across the globe to gather clues in a race against time to stop an elder being from destroying the world at large. Gameplay is constantly in flux based of the moves and decisions of the players. With over 300 cards and 250 tokens, the replay value on this little gem is high up there. It creates a fun layer of tension as you’re never sure just what the hell you’re walking into.Players roll a regular die to move and an “action die” adorned with a fist, knife, and pentagram, each symbol dictating whether your set loose to slay victims or under attack yourself. Gameplay moves quick and is filled with fun nods to tons of horror classics. The invaders are made up a film crew that has crash landed on an island lost to time. The cannibals immediately see this collection of film nerds as a threat. Both players go back and forth, picking each other off until there is one final champion. Home and small appliances, phones and more.

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