Another pong spin off, great fun and laods of colors!

Fly your jet fighter over rocks and mountains shoot down alien space craft.

Doll Flash Drive
Fly around your ship, piloting through asteroid fields and shooting down rocks with your lasers. Fight out against other space craft upgrade your ship weaponry armor and more.

You have all played this game before, but now you can play it online!

This is an old atari game that has been moved online.Shoot down the zombies overrunning your house before they get to you and eat your brains. Using a hammer, smash the worms going near your steak meat before they infest it and eat it. Applejack dolls lost a leg and it is near impossible to reattach the leg.

I wouldn't be so upset but they weren't being played with too harshly and again, the construction of the doll makes it impossible to reattach the leg. Otherwise this line of dolls is still my daughter's favorite. It's as if they weren't mentioned to be toys at all but collector dolls only for display.

Creepy Footage On Flash Drive!!!

Stalked 169 S13 Ep 8

Dia finds a flash drive in the creepy doll left on Christine's doorstep. While Christine is reluctant to see what's on it, Dia insists that ...

Each time you try to get them back on it stretches the joint & the peg that attached the let to the joint gets stripped (there is a texture on the peg & the hole it's supposed to connect to) making it more likely for the leg to fall off again.

I didn't give lower stars because my kid still like to play with the broken doll. The rest of the figure is decent though nice job on details and paint.

I got it for sentimental reasons, probably more for me than them.

I was shocked when they absolutely adored them and thought they were the greatest thing ever.

I think maybe they're supposed to be carried as charms. Pikachu's little head comes off and the thumb drive protrudes, so it's well-protected.

I formatted the flash drive, put some old home videos of us as kids on it, and gave it away. The plastic molding was not as clean cut as the others. To say the least, it works beautifully and suits my purposes quite well. The colors used to detail the face are crisp and do not bleed into one another, as is sometimes the case with low quality figurines. The flash drive itself is wedged between two rectangular incisions, one inside the head and one inside the body. When the head is removed, the lower half of the flash drive remains wedged inside the body because the incision there is tighter. The figurine comes equipped with a ball and chain keychain attached to the head. The quality is so poor it almost makes you laugh. Whether you need to transfer important documents, share photos, or trade music, these pocket-size data storage devices make it easy to carry your digital world with you. The higher the read and write speeds, the faster the device can potentially operate.

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