Even though her looks are dazzling, she is a possessed doll that was created by a deranged scientist, and her mission is to control her victims' minds and make them kill for her. Elsa small doll (included) can enjoy sweet dreams on her cozy bed, get royal ready at her vanity, or sit on her throne.

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Elsa can travel up and down on the palace's girl-activated elevator or stand behind her curtain which spins for a surprise reveal. In order to close the doors, you have to stand the bed upright or take it out. My kids have already been able to break the chair and the bed.

I so wish they had a more durable castle out there for this movie.The larger castle looks like it's made the same way as this one. The good news is that the doors did seem to attach correctly (not backward like someone else discovered). It doesn't take up a lot of room when opened all the way. What is a puzzle is the base for the center part that turns and the base on the "iffy" elevator (difficult to move up or down at times). Elsa's feet, one foot, posing her behind the base (she falls). Elsa does not sit well on the throne chair nor recline well on the bed.

Just took it out for the next child old enough to play with and really looked at it good this time, it's really cheaply made, falls apart with even a little play. This playset was the smallest and least expensive. At the risk of sounding trite, they don't make toys like they used to. This playset was smaller than we had expected and is made of brittle plastic that would appear to break easily. The side "doors" have fallen off a few times, but have clipped back into place.

I have 20 years experience in the electronic field. The switch when pressed did not spring back. The stairs and the "elevator" up to the window are difficult for little ones to get out of the way so it can close. A bit over priced in my opinion considering. She loves the little figurines and the furniture but doesn't like that they can only fit inside the castle in the as pictured positions.

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