This doll celebrates that life with sound!

This doll celebrates that life with sound.

Doll Barbie House
The standard doll is much nicer, her face is prettier, her dress nicer and unlike this doll she's fully articulated. Her wrists and elbows are jointed - but her legs are not (non-movable) which is the only thing my daughter dislikes about this doll. Barbie she can have conversations with - and my 5yr old comes up with some whoppers. It's amazing what kids pick up from conversations, commercials, etc.The clothes and belt are removable, but the buttons are part of the doll and will most likely show through any other doll clothes not made for this doll. It's very pretty and she enjoys playing with it. Oh well, a quick trip to the local drug store had her in business. Be smart about your purchases and read reviews.
Hi friends in this video you watch One Morning Routine for Barbie and Her Lazy Sister in Pink Doll House i hope you like it and ...

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