Nombreux exposants, produits artisanaux et gourmandises. Ce syndrome touche 1 enfant sur 100 000 naissances.

Cette maladie orpheline d’origine génétique regroupe un ensemble de handicapes moteurs, mentaux et malvoyance. Un parc à vélo à également été installé à l’arrière de l’abri dans l’enceinte du lycée. Cette activité alliée à l'exploitation de manèges itinérants présentent deux aspects différents mais complémentaires d'un même métier. Après des années d'effort ce choix a été payant, aujourd'hui l'exploitation de manèges pour enfant en centre commercial est l'activité principale de la société.

I need someone to translate what these 2 dolls (below) are saying. This is an unrealistic list of the dolls that you see the most and for some odd reason any doll that doesn't fit the description below doesn't belong or some think is a very rare doll. Because you have to remember that 0-#2 bodies are all the same inside and that body had to be used up. Mattel was using up the early bodies and was using the 1961 record in those bodies. Different things were tried some worked and some didn't. Paige boys and soft and hard head pigtails.

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I am sure they did some but in any business where you mass-produce something you are not going to just throw out perfectly good parts. Mattel figured out a way to make the body better by adding a solid neck ring and now adding hard head pigtails.

I find that the later her back is stamped the more likely she is to have a closed neck ring but that is not always the case. Mattel made the #2 and #3 bodies and added the hard head, that neck ring was very unstable and would break off easy. Or rather the cloth was removed off the #1 body making her now the #2 doll and the #3 body was also made. It also shows a picture of that little girl standing next to a brunette bob with brown eyes. Mattel made the #5 body the voice was much, much better. Mattel kept on trying to make a better voice box. Mattel must have wanted the blonde and the brunette to say different phrase from one another. My biggest problem with all these dolls is when they were made.

I want you to be happy with this doll, 100% happy.

I do not believe it was being made after 1964. Mattel was stamping the dolls back with their name. Cone believed in buying a better quality of material not only for the dolls but also in the type of clothes the doll was dressed in. Switzerland as headquarters for the company’s worldwide marketing.

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