I couldn’t resist opening this set on the beach so there might be some sandy floors in the video!

Watch and tell us what you think about it!

Doll Camper Dolls
On the beach with the sand on everything- how fun.

I adore everything they did with this beach house!

I rarely spend this much for a doll item, but this is a fine price fo r the play value. Some stores should have them on the shelf already.Sound features include music, sizzling cooking, flushing toilet and chirping crickets. Camper moves on four wheels, folds out for fun and folds up for self-contained play!

I refuse to pay thirty dollars for two dolls that retail for less than half of that for the set. It has lots of sounds and it comes with lots of accessories. Her hair was so thin that you could see her skull.

I like that the seats can come out, and that you can store the food and other little parts under the seats.

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The camper only moves a little bit but that is okay because we mainly use it like a house.

I like that the book shelf folds out and the spare tire can be turned into the fire pit. The camper itself is beautiful to look at, but the parts come across as nothing more than flimsy plastic parts put together. The roof has two holes cut into it–one for access to the stairs, and the other as a sky light into the bedroom. Blaze really like this area because he can sniff around and even play fetch.

I do not understand why all of the dolls suddenly have huge, glaring neck seams.

I think the inset eyes look great, and the hair is well-rooted and very soft and fun to style.

I worry about is that the decorative paper that lines the particle board walls might start to peel or look ragged at the edges over time.

I think this will become a very appealing option. Seeing real greenery out the windows really adds to the charm of the set.

I know what you mean about the doll choices–it’s hard to pick just one!

How fun would it be if one of these girls had blue hair?

I have no room for it at all but those big windows everywhere and the modern look are making me drool. One of my son’s friends has short purple hair right now and it is so neat!

I bet your son’s friend’s hair looks amazing!

Nevertheless, fab review as always, keep up the hard work!

The brown is at least a nice warm color that fits with the wood grain that’s elsewhere in the house. It is a pity though, because they have cute outfits and some neat accessories.

I might be slightly unusual in my obsession with kitchen accessories.

I like to have little dishes and food to play with for any doll kitchen. They see the fronts, decide they want the dolls, and that’s that. What’s on the back doesn’t matter at all.

I actually like to have a little story about a character. It helps me pick between dolls where there are a lot of great options.

Those statements on the box also give buyers an idea about where the company is going with a particular line–what the accessories might be, etc. If all of the dolls like ballet and none of them like soccer, that might say something about what accessory sets we can expect. What is the value of those little blurbs and is there any cost to simplifying or removing them?

I like that you showed a closeup on her eyes. It would also be nice to have a doll in this slightly lower price range.

I have read on one of the doll boards that someone has come up with a fix for the neck seams. It would totally be worth the effort in my opinion if it looks good. That makes me not want to order online even if they do become available. Take off the head, then you have to cut the zip tie. Using thick thread – she suggested, crochet cotton doubled- through where the zip tie was. Tack down the casing after folding it inside.

Doll Camper Dolls

Put the head back on and pull cord tight – knot well. She does mention this will slightly shorten the doll but the neck should look better.

I didn’t get the house and probably won’t.

I saw a really cute classroom set as well that was tempting!

It is really neat- it has a working piano and 4spotlights.

I absolutely love my tama, but be warned.

I love those grey insert eyes, they are gorgeous. Thanks again for another wonderful review.

I haven’t seen the camper or the loft yet, but the camper (glamper?) particularly has my interest.

I just love the variety of faces and clothes.

I just have to wait until they go on sale to buy more.

I especially like that these dolls come with a place to put them and their stuff.

I get that it give the dolls an antique expensive feel but it also makes them bulky, can be botched as with this doll, makes the dolls harder to clean and makes clothes options like swimsuits look awful. One of my childhood dolls was made in a similar way except that her head and neck were conected to a clear plastic breast plate-thing that fit into the cloth body. Cloth bodies are ok in an 18-inch or similar size, but for wee little dolls like this it just doesn’t look nice at all. A new pink truck, a horse trailer, a horse stables. Lori clothes, so far, aren’t that appealing to us.

I picked one that wears a purple and white dress, with a purple hat and blue shoes, with a small white purse.

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