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Doll Bag Holder
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I do not allow my patterns to be republished without expressed written permission. Each joint of the stand is sturdy, easy clapping and twisting to hold each part in place, ive used a tripod before where if were pressing a little to hard on the mannquin the neck of the stand would move or it wouldn’t stand correcting.

I had no problem fitting the heads on the tripod at all.Anyways the item has weight to it making it appear sturdy. It keeps the control and the head doesn’t move all over the place.

I had it at full extended legs and neck it would be over 6ft tall!!

People saying it is too short must not have seen this adjustment option?

Locks are easy to open and close, open these two locks can extend legs outword to the height you need. There are two antiskid sponges on legs, convenience for you to use the mannequin tripod.

Zuika Plastic Bag Holder

How to use Plastic Bag Holder from www.zuika.eu.

We updated the top piece to metal (not plastic), very durable.

We focus on the quality of the stand and make it different from other stands in the market.

We upgrade the tripod top base to metal (not plastic) and it would hold mannequin head very well. The material make this tripod much more reliable than any other in the market. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem.

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Amish Doll Plastic Bag Holder And Doll Clothing

Shown in the video are the Amish Doll– Plastic Bag Holder and Amish Doll Clothes on Hanger. The Amish Doll– Plastic Bag …

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