I plan on waiting a few months to give this to my daughter for her second birthday. Her hair is soft and she sucks her thumb and her pacifier.

My picture shows her size compared to a pair of scissors. When opening just be patient and grab a pair of scissors and you should be fine. She opened her present and couldn't wait to get it out of the box. Most of the dolls on the market are hard plastic all the way through, while this one has a plastic face and limbs, but the torso/body part is soft and huggable.Many little ones are so enamored by the eyes that can open and close and it makes the doll feel more real to them. It's even harder to find one that has eyes that open and close and look realistic, which was important to me. It's hard to find a decent quality doll for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, her obsession for stuffed animals edged out the baby dolls, so we eventually got rid of it when toy purging. She really enjoyed playing with it for a time.

I loved this doll especially because its looks reminded me of my daughter with its dark hair and dark eyes, but also because of its nice features.
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Face is thinner and the hair is not as long nor does it have a curl to the pigtails. The face, arms and legs are plastic, but the body is fabric and filled with stuffing and bead pellets.

I was very surprised at how soft the dolls body was. My daughter does grab it in her sleep sometimes, but when she's awake, it doesn't work at all, and definitely doesn't soothe her when she's upset. Her body is nice and soft and the weight in the bottom to allow her to sit gives her a nice weight.

I was looking for something with hair realistic enough to give her a little help so she'd sleep in her crib.

We only played with her hair one time so it's not like we overworked it. And several months in, her hair now is not soft at all.

We bough it hoping to be able to brush and play with hair but you really can't. Should have bought more doll clothes instead of a new doll. The face is the same and both doll have a light scent that smells "clean". The clothes are cheaper, old one had nice velour, soft shirt and the new one is just plain cotton. Well, one we recently bought is such a disappointment. My daughter is 4 now and she carried the doll all over and slept with it every night. She was given the same doll 2 years ago and the quality was 200 times better. Doll play develops cognitive and fine motor skills as children practice removing and putting on clothing, fixing the doll’s hair, and moving her arms and legs. Her embroidered two-piece outfit is removable, and so are her adorable matching pink pig-tail holders. Brianna is the perfect size for toddlers 18 months and older to hug, cuddle, and care for. This brunette with wipe-clean arms, legs, and face closes her long-lashed brown eyes when she lies down and opens them when she sits up like a big girl. Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches, draw up tightly and fasten off. Fold sleeves in half lengthways and mark center of cast off edges. Repeat this row a further 5 times (6 rows in total). Pattern 3 rows without shaping then cast off. Fold cast off edge over inside to start of ribbing and stitch into place, leaving a small gap to thread 4 strand elastic through the gap and secure.

keeping news outfit
Pick up and knit 7sts along 1 side of the instep, 7sts on the toe, 7sts down other side of instep, k across the 8 remaining sts (37 sts total). The service was very prompt, and the purchase everything it was advertised to be. It comes in a gift box which is convenient and appreciated if this is intended for a gift.

I may even update this after she opens it. The little socks and beanie cap are adorable. The quality and attention to detail are amazing. The shirt and the vest were perfect, the skirt was just a tad tight. My granddaughter is 7 years old and will not be able to snap it herself.

We put it on the smallest section of the dolls waist and it is extremely difficult to get it snapped. The problem is the waistband of the skirt is to short. My friend purchase the other one for her daughter.

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