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Doll Colouring Sheets
Our enourmous range of art and craft materials has something for everyone.

We suggest you call your local store to check stock availability of items before you visit. Keeping young children interested in the lesson is easy when you provide fun activities for them to participate in.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on craft supplies.Children will have fun riding the stick donkey they made themselves. You’ll need to be a member to have access to all of the printable craft pages. It’s easy and inexpensive, made with paper bags. It comes as a illustrated craft page for quick and easy lesson prep. Kids stick coat, hat, palm branches and scroll on the bible character doll. Palm branches coloring sheet to use as stickers for crafts.
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Show children photos of baby donkeys from books or printed pictures from websites. Just explain that donkeys are a lot like ponies. Have alternative activities for them as well, such as coloring pages, puzzles, etc. He loves to have, all his children close. Form heart by placing thumbs and index fingers together. Its easy enough even for preschoolers because the donkey is made with paper bags (lunch sacks). Show children pictures or toys of donkeys and talk about them. Children get a chance to make their own stick donkey and “ride” them. Use the palm branches and coat stickers to decorate snack bowls and cups. Make copies of the pages for the children to use as coloring sheets. Children can glue a coat (see craft pages above) to the donkey’s back on page 3 for an extra easy craft. The new pages are better quality, but these are still usable. And it’s easy enough even for preschoolers and kinders to make!

Cut off excess, fold bags to close, tape to secure. Children color donkey face and glue to front of paper bag. Glue to hands of the child in the picture. Bring the two body sides together at the top, and tape. Fold rectangular piece (coat) over the top of the donkey’s back. Help children roll up rhyme like a scroll (not like photo) and tape to hand, with the words on the inside so that it can be unrolled and read. Fold frame on horizontal solid line in middle of craft page, so it stands up. Tape their photo to the back of the frame, to fit behind the rectangle. Which 1-loss school can it put into the playoffs over a team that has gone undefeated for two years because the big names make more money?

Flyers fan beat up their own mascot during a game. If you already have both of these, great!

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Disney’S Barbie In Rainbow Dress Coloring Sheet Coloring Pages L How To Colo Learn Colors

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