Any toy that allows a child to pretend to be the “grown up” and look after a baby doll is always a big hit in my house, and there is no gender division either. My 5 year old twin boys are just as eager to engage in this type of doll play as my 3 year old daughter.

Aside from the entertainment benefits of distracting a child with one of these toy car seats, it seems to me that parents could also use these toys to teach kids about the general importance of child car seat use and also to engage them in discussions about how they are installed and how they act to reduce injuries in the event of a collision. Obviously, this isn’t just a cool feature to wow your kids with, it also helps to give this toy car seat an even greater educational value.

Casdon Baby Huggles Doll Car Booster Seat Ztoy #Unboxing

CASDON BABY HUGGLES CAR BOOSTER SEAT TOY #UNBOXING Casdon Baby #Huggles Doll Car Booster Seat- Bring Your ...