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Doll Ball Joint Tights
Unfortunately, they have the same pattern from the front on the back, so it looks like your legs are on backwards. The backs of the leg joints are supposed to be shaped differently. There wasn't enough fabric to pull it up where it needed to be. For me, these were shaded far more orangey and tanner than my arms/face, so the contrast was also a throw-off.I had some mixed reactions from friends, some of them loved them and others thought they looked way too creepy. The tights are comfortable, well made and the print looks great. When it doesn’t show “mailbox” shipping as an option it might be cheaper to choose to split your order instead!

The tights are quite sheer, but surprisingly thick. They don’t tear easily, but please handle them with care!

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Diy Ball Joint Doll Tights (Bjd Tights)!!!

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to make a pair of ball joint doll tights.

I thought this would be perfect for any Lolita, ...

That also happens when toe nails are a wee bit too long or coarse. Make sure to keep them trimmed and filed to keep this to a minimum.

I was looking for a pair earlier this year and forgot about it after adding it to my craft to-do list. The white contrasts oddly with their natural skin color and then it just looks odd. It'd be awesome to have gloves or sleeves or something with joints on them as well to complete the look for short sleeved outfits.

I think this will pretty much stay an indie trend though, considering there doesn't seem to be much color variation of the tights for different skin tones for it to go mainstream at the moment. Of course, you could also just make your own with using different colored tights!

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Lolita Doll Legs!

Creepy Cute Ball Joint Tights And Harajuku Fashion Accessory Haul ☆ Spreepickey

Get your own dolly leg tights!

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