Showing us this is not a kind of raging fire but, rather a slow burn of beauty. It commands us to see beyond our limits and to dream beyond our means.

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A blast of black falls to the ground creating a folly of satin fabric. Art is but an illusion life is but a dream… in the muted landscape of yesterday we linger longer in abstract theme. Coats are the thing, as looks pay homage to the past with puffy jackets projected straight from the 80’s. Verbiage goes vogue ~ as layers of stunning fabric fall over the body like words filling up the page.Don’t worry dear one she feeds upon the sun, a fantastical female she is artistry undone. Living and learning to weather the storm, a fighter of the sky, she is ethereally adorned. Beauty breaks through as we watch the tattered walls of injustice fall off the face like pieces of tin foil. Art unleashes the avant-garde beast, setting in motion a dramatic feast. Experience the culmination of these emerging artists’ creative exploration and discovery as performers and choreographers. This concert offers a cornucopia of both classical and contemporary dance showcasing these budding young performers in movement that will both surprise and delight you.

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Finding their voice, pushing boundaries, and spreading their artistic wings. Always an audience favorite, this event is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat. The degree mandates additional curriculum in dance techniques, performances and choreography to support professional experiences and leadership in these areas of the field. The rigorous programming emphasizes high quality training in a supportive environment from a faculty of experienced professionals, with the mission to generate leaders in the dance field. With leadership development as a goal, our department houses three clubs and offers service opportunities, internships, and study abroad programs. Through our program you will gain experiences and cultivate skills that are necessary for the dance field, and are also applicable and transferable to a wide variety of careers.

We asked our students to tell us why they love studying dance?

View upcoming and past performances here. There are many exciting and rewarding employment opportunities for those individuals who are educationally prepared. In this win/win program, the university benefits from your experience, while you move more easily through your career transition. A limited number of scholarships, stipends, financial aid and work-study opportunities are available. She has staged numerous full-length classical ballets and choreographed over twenty-five contemporary works. His professional performing experiences embraced not only ballet, but also modern and jazz. Gleason teaches ballet technique, pas de deux, men’s class, music for dancers and production practicum. These skid-free socks have been constructed with comfort and strength in mind. Pull them on in the morning with the handy ankle tab, get your morning tea without slipping across the linoleum, throw on your shoes, and it’s off to yoga. Pose a moment longer, inhale a little deeper. Don't want to take them off just to run errands?

All mantras can be purchased with or without a coordinating organza gift bag. Many mantras are available in sets of three. Check out our storefront for our complete catalog!

Use to store your favorite socks in, or repurpose to hold potpourri, jewelry, or anything else that deserves to be swaddled in luxury. Spanning the worlds of both concert and commercial dance, dancers will explore new ideas of movement and artistic excellence, harvesting a love of dance within versatility. Housing is available for dancers ages 12 and up.

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A dancer may request up to a maximum of three roommates for a total of four dancers in a chain. Please note that all roommate requests must be completed by both sets of parents, at least fourteen days prior to arrival. The food is delicious and healthy–perfect for the developing dancer.

We recommend that students pack a healthy lunch and snacks to eat between meals. Please note after check-in that evening the dancers will have a mandatory orientation. Also, keep in mind that items can be purchased upon arrival at nearby stores. Please check this section for any misplaced items before you leave. Items will be held for two weeks, and after that time they will be donated to charity. Please label all items and make sure that you have all your belongings before leaving. Be sure to attend the last two weeks of the intensive to participate in this life changing event. Below is an outline of fees and reflect the price one way.

Doll Dance Barre

The cost includes tolls and driver’s tip. Dancers and parents are welcome to take photos of the dance experience. When attending the program you consent to the use of your photography in our website and marketing materials. Please see our activities page for details.

You will receive it a week before your session starts. Positions will be filled at a first come first serve basis to qualified candidates – please submit application early for best consideration. Final candidates who are offered a position will be required to undergo a background check prior to finalizing the hiring process. This is a tremendous learning experience.

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Interns would gain valuable experience working within an office environment, assisting with daily operations of the school’s variety of summer programs and supporting the administrative staff with customer assistance.

We background check each applicant to ensure the safety of our dancers. Baud enjoys enriching the lives of dancers through discipline and a passion for the arts. Michael has been a dance educator for the past 14 years. She began dancing at the age of 3 several at several neighborhood dance schools. Lewis knew he would pursue dance professionally. Quincella holds a degree in the performing arts and business. He is currently dedicating his time to developing artists and sharing his wealth of knowledge about the business. American entertainer who’s goal is to inspire and spread love and peace to people of all ages through music and dance. Barnes mission is to promote and present multilayered dance performances and educational residencies. Pomare is timeless as he is responsible for shaping her approach to movement and the necessary theatricality in creating relevant art.Bell has been commissioned for many special projects nationally and internationally. Her resume includes classical, contemporary and modern works. It was also important to him to invite new and interesting voices in the dance, theater and art communities to contribute. Tia’s passion for dancer health stemmed from her life in the studio, dancing since the age of 4. After discovering her passion for dancer health, she interned as a physical therapy technician. With over 40 years of experience, her expertise is often sought after for mentoring and coaching purposes by professionals and aspiring artists from around the world.

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This classic jazz style emphasizes strong and proper body alignment and clean technique. Her choreography is based on the dynamics of musicality using strong movements which emanate from the hips and chest, creating an overall visual picture of the music.

You can personally intensify each workout as your body conditioning improves. One of those endeavors will be debut of his contemporary dance company, “dance es” and he development of an international artist exchange. He is grateful to have his passion as his profession and looks forward to continuing to share his choreographic vision, music, and dance all over the world. His diverse repertory has earned praise for its humor, stylistic versatility, musicality, charisma and accessibility. Gwirtzman does know that in dance less can be more. Gwirtzman has worked at numerous studios and universities. She has a strong kinesthetic awareness enabling her to breakdown movement and proper alignment in order to help improve technique as well as strengthen specific weaknesses. Her excitement, enthusiasm and passion for teaching is backed by a continued love for dancers making supplemental training key in keeping them strong so their bodies are able to handle the discipline and dedication involved in the art and guiding them with a healthy lifestyle to maintain a long lasting injury free career. She believes in mind body balance to lead a healthier life. She is an avid runner who ran many half marathons, practices yoga and enjoys many sports disciplines. Byrd’s assistant on numerous occasions and projects and became rehearsal director for the company in 2002.After the folding of the company in 2003 she retired from the stage and returned to school. Casey’s classes emphasize biomechanically robust movement through imagery-based cueing and aim to strategically fire targeted muscles while inhibiting unsolicited muscle engagement. This opportunity allowed her to gain the experience and training she would need for the commercial dance world. She now wants to share her love of movement and musicality with the world, and give other young dancers the tools and opportunities they need in order to be successful in the dance industry. She has toured in 33 countries and is recognized as a “singular performer” with a multifaceted artistic range. The company is known for the caliber of its dancers as well as its “emotionally authentic” and musically diverse work. Batten enjoys teaching, coaching, and choreographing in addition to her performance career. She will begin at the end of the summer, for the academic year, and is very excited for this new opportunity!

She competed around the country from age 6-17 eventually achieving 20th in the nation. Her knowledge spans both worlds of commercial and concert dance offering a wide array of expertise. Her approach of incorporating both the physical and the mental development of the individual has made her a teacher in demand worldwide.

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