It is made of top quality and makes a very unique memorable gift.

I am very picky and this stroller is so great!

Doll Pram Gift Set
I chose this one because it had many reviews for being sturdy and well made, which it definitely is.

I was attracted to a couple of other features: the front wheels which can twirl around, allows her to turn corners easily. Also the fact that it is a double stroller, so there is plenty of room for her dolls. She actually loaded it up with five dolls, several stuffed animals, toy kitchen dishes, some of her clothes and a set of the seven dwarves figurines!And she was still able to push it around the yard. It comes with a nice diaper bag too, which she really liked. All the kids at the birthday party wanted a turn, so it was a big hit. She loves the fact that she can put two baby dolls in the stroller. The company was very good at rushing us the part and an extra present. All in all my 5 yr old loves it, so far works great!
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Baby Doll Stroller
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