Speaking of photo shoots, you actually started out as a photographer?

I had people in front of the lens who bored me.

Doll Eye Contact Lenses Philippines
Do you consider yourself more as a performance artist?

I played football and went to high school. What kind of attention do you get when people see you?

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Putting In Contacts For The First Time!!


Hi Guys!

Its Skye here.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video. This was my ever first time putting in contact lenses.

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If you're using a laptop or tablet, try moving it somewhere else and give it another go. They validate parking, please let them know on your way out!

She was incredibly, incredibly friendly and very open to any of my concerns.

I was able to schedule my surgery to take place within 2 weeks of my consultation. After about 20 minutes, you walk over to the surgery area, which is like 2 steps away. At the surgery area, they give you numbing eye drops in your eyes so that you feel absolutely nothing during the procedure. After this, they settle the flap and work on your other eye. The whole procedure lasts about 10-15 minutes and is incredibly fast. Once the tears are in though, my vision becomes 100% and is pretty comfortable for the rest of the day!

They were very educational, professional, safe, and used the latest technology. He gave me eye drops and basically said "that's it".

I was mailed all of the paperwork which made it very easy for me to fill out and have ready.

You can hear his sincerity in the steadiness of his voice, the same steadiness he practices while performing the surgeries.

I can't say enough positive things about my experience so far. All staff has been very knowledgeable, kind, and were patient with me by answering my questions. Saundra who has helped me from the start is so kind and is such a gentle person. He talked me through it the entire time, which gave me comfort. Tooma's team gave me the confidence and reassurance everything will be good and smooth.

I can see better and wake up every morning without reaching for my glasses or taking time to put my contacts in.

NVISION Eye Centers

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I have had dry eyes from the procedure which can be uncomfortable, especially after waking up, but it has slightly improved over the last few months.

I just had another check up last week and all looks good. He was so sweet and took his time explaining everything to me on the consultation. On surgery day my man asked him how he was doing and he turned to him and replied, "best day of my life" and it was so sincere. All the doctors there are very intelligent, friendly and quite impressive. They have all been very informed even on the latest in health care, eyes care and just overall well being. Even the people at the front desk are just absolutely wonderful. They tested for a range of things, but mostly wanted to check my cornea thickness.

I took off my glasses once more to remember what it was like to have blurry vision. The surgery area is divided into two parts: a relaxation/prep area where you are given some saline solution in your eyes to wash out your eyes as well as some xanax to help you relax for the surgery. He was very, very nice and explained to me what he was doing the entire time for the procedure.

Doll Eye Contact Lenses Philippines

You lie down under the machine, and they use a speculum for your eye to keep it open and from closing. Then they apply some fluid onto your eye and put a suction cup like thing on your eye and use the laser to create a flap in your eye. After the flap is complete, they use a laser to cut into your cornea and reshape it so that you can see with perfect vision again. When you're done and stand up, you may see that your vision is slightly cloudy but you can see 20/20.

I even drove myself to my fiancee's practice to get my post-op done. Everyone gets dry eyes from this because they need to cut through the nerves that control tears to get into your cornea. While that particular experience was a rude shock, the rest was astounding - how clear everything was!

We believe that speaks volumes to the quality of our patient care and outcomes.

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Tooma, are literally at the top of the game. He now does monovision where one eye is for distance and the other for close up.

I spend about 10-12 hours daily on a computer. The professionalism, friendliness, thoroughness, and cleanliness of this office can not be beat.

I have put my reading glasses away for good. Thank you to every staff member involved in the process for making this such a great experience once again. Tooma and his team to anyone who will listen. They were all kind, attentive, caring and with a great sense of humor. Just keep the recommended eye drops handy and you won't even notice it. Raoof to anyone who like me, was tired of wearing glasses.

I knew something was wrong the day after.I went back 4-5 times for appointments insisting that my vision was unusually blurry at the edges. Everyone insisted my extreme starbursts and halos were normal. One doctor promised a new machine to fix my issue.

I had unusually wide pupils and essentially my corrected flap was smaller than the area of my vision. In my case it didn't seem like they cared. The absolute best and most professional and competent around!

First Time Wearing Contact Lenses | Positive Jane | Philippines

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Tooma and his staff are completely amazing they made me feel completely aware of each step of the process.

I had laser eye surgery 11 years ago and it only lasted a year. Saundra helped do all of my initial eye tests and explained everything to me in detail. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. He was very sweet and explained everything again to me.

I think the smell of my eye burning was the worst part. My husband was able to watch the procedure which was also really cool. The company continues to be on the forefront by offering the latest in laser vision treatment technology and techniques. For a polished look buffer the face with a powder-free brush. Shades shown in the color chart may not be identical to the original product shades. Availability of shown colors may vary among countries. This promise of quality does not extend to third party websites. Because unlike everybody else, we actually make our make-up.We‘ve done it our own way for more than 70 years and three generations. There is only one real professional make-up maker.

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