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Doll Me Outfits
Deconstructing the bodice and making the necessary adjustments solved that problem. The front and back skirt pattern pieces have straight bottoms, tops, backs & center front but the side seams are slanted. Assembling them results in something resembling the bottom of a hexagon and seams that come to a point. This looks nothing like the illustration in the directions.I like the seasonal variety of cloths but wanted to warn others about pattern mistakes.

I had yet to receive my own book which is on back order. Measure before you cut out any pattern, especially bottoms.

I love the seasonal patterns and the little extra accessories patterns that were a surprise. Fabric scraps and remnants are all that are necessary to use, so it will be a help to me to use my scraps and at the same time make some little girls very happy. The instruction is easy to understand (most of the time) and the pictures were very helpful.

The patterns are easy and go together well. Much easier than buying a simplicity doll pattern.

I have made two now and still not sure if the skirt is right, it looks fine on the dresses. The styles are very up to date, and really cute. Just finished another dress using one of these patterns tonight!

Most of them require adjustment, bur these are excellent!

It would be more helpful to have it on paper that could be cut out and used. As it is, all the patterns have to be traced on other material in order to be used. The patterns are printed on front and back of the paper. The book is great and the construction pictures are good. This set contains 10 outfits for a variety of occasions, from dressy to casual, so your daughter will always have the perfect ensemble on hand. With 5 tops and 5 bottoms that can be mixed and matched, and an additional 4 dresses, plus a swimsuit, the possibilities are endless.

I snuck the doll for clothes fitting and these were just the cutest!

We got a swimming suit that just is adorable.

I always soak any non-ag clothes in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. The wardrobe is super cute and a great price for several different styles to dress the doll in!

I don’t think they disliked a single outfit. My older daughter wanted more summer clothes for her doll and thought this was a perfect selection.

I even thought a lot of the outfits were really cute looking.

I liked that they came with a little bag you could put everything in if you didn’t have an area to store your little doll collection yet. My daughter loved the outfits and tells me her dolls do too. That is too bad because little girls don't have a lot of patience for pulling and pushing.

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All My American Girl Doll Outfits!

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