Barbie doll in your favorite finished looks for storytelling fun. Simply select one of the three washable dresses (each with a unique color and silhouette) and place it on the dress form.

Attach the dress form to the spin art unit and close the lid. Next, pick your paint colors -- three are included: pink, yellow and blue. Pump the lever on the spin art unit to make it spin, and add drops of paint to create a unique look!

The paint spreads in unique and cool ways for a different finished look every time.Barbie doll and accessorize with the trendy black booties to complete her look!

Choose one of three included washable dresses, and place it on the dress form. Different colors and trendy silhouettes provide options for numerous looks and styles. Attach the dress form to the spin art unit and close the pink lid. Select one of the three paint colors (pink, yellow and blue paints are included) and shake the bottle up. Pump the lever on the spin art unit to make it spin, and add paint drops through the holes on the unit's lid as it spins.

Continue to pump the lever to allow the paint color to spread in cool and fun ways. Barbie doll in your fabulous spin art fashion and black booties that complement any style. Barbie doll wearing one washable fashion and shoes, the spin art unit, one dress form, two additional washable fashions and three bottles of paint. They were unopened, but 2 of them came with dye dried up in the top part of the bottle. The bottles can't be opened to clean the dried portion out. It took using a thumb tac, and an adult using both hands to squeeze the bottle before any dye would be able to be squeezed out, and even that was a very tiny amount. Not very easy to wash away your creation. Also need to definitely give it enough time to dry. The spinner is a little more cheap than expected & the fabric color drops are difficult to get in the little top part. There are small holes you use to put the paint into while spinning and a cover which keeps the paint contained inside. My 4 year old daughter loves changes her barbies outfits.

We had a hard time with the spiral effect, but the dyes were fun to dab on the dresses and make patterns.

We had to stick toothpicks in the tops between color to try to break up the air bubbles. Then the lever that you pump to spin the art container broke. My husband took it apart in attempt to repair it, but was unable. It definitely was a huge disappointment for my daughter's 9th birthday. However, she got so bored with the horrible results, she lost interest in the first five minutes. First, my frosting was rock hard, so the funnest part didn't work at all. Besides that making the decorations look like anything but a big mess is impossible and that was with an adult doing all the work, there is no way a little girl under 10 could even begin to go this alone. The same skirt can be decorated with clay. Girlfriend son happy present and for a long time to play with her. Really can only pay with it once since it leaves a mess and the playdough doesn't last very long. The doll is bright, well-made but if you want it to be well-decorated you have to do it with the child because there is so much work!

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