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Again using the template as a guide, trim away the excess fabric sandwich, cutting close to your sewing line.

Doll Little Girl Matching Outfits
Very carefully snip a “v” between the thumb and fingers, taking care not to snip into your stitching. Be sure not to catch the other bottom side of the mitten as you sew (which would close up the wrist opening!). Repeat with a second 2″ x 2″ wristband piece, sewing to the other side of the mitten. Turn your mitten right side out and admire your work!Using the printed pattern as a guide, cut 5 panels of fabric or recycled sweater for your hat plus one rectangle for your hat band. Sew along one long side with a 1/4″ seam allowance (as indicated by the white dotted line in the picture below). Fold your hat in half, right side in, aligning the long sides of the outermost two panels. You’ll use the circle you just sewed for the hat band. Align and pin the raw edge of the hat band to the raw edge of the hat crown, right sides together.

You can embellish your hat with buttons, ribbons, or flowers if you’d like.

Matching Doll Outfits From Little Girl Mart
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Love the ornament-to-chandelier transformation, too!

Just made the hat and mittens out of red fleece. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

I wish there was a way to post pictures of the finished projects on your page, that would be the best. My hope is to inspire you to enjoy your dolls, too, and get the most out of your collection every day!

From a thorough cleaning all the way up to "major surgery," our doctors treat every doll with care, sending each one home as good as new and ready for many more years of memories. Choose whether you want to have ears pierced. Choose whether you want to add a hearing aid to one or both ears. Hair brushing will improve the look of your doll's hair, but it will not make a well-played-with doll's hair appear brand new. Girls and dolls with matching dresses is soooo cute!

I quilt just a little--only straight seams, etc. Pillowcase dresses for my granddaughters. Question: what size doll does this pattern fit?

My daughters have used the clothes on teddy bears and stuffed cats too!!!

Would love to see some pics of your clothes on the flickr page!!

I have only boys myself so no baby doll clothes needed, but now have a little niece who has a "nakey" baby and she is just going to be so thrilled when she opens her present of lots of clothes for be beloved doll.

I keep going between my machine and computer. Did you ever make a tutorial for the bloomers at the bottom of this post?

I just completed my first baby doll shirt with the help of this post.

I do know that the pattern should always say when & where to cut on a fold!

I just finished my first test dress and diaper.

stopped worrying learned lovmatching doll outfits  1

I found an amazing website that sells dresses, pajamas and more for your American Girl dolls with a matching one for you. The...