Admittedly the whole thing made me nervous.

I had heard about these girls who owned five, ten dolls and couldn’t stop demanding more, like molded plastic crack with hair.

Fake dolls passed off as real dolls turned away at the official salons.

I was going to stop an entire roomful of children in powder blue leotards from pushing their mass-produced doll addictions on my kids.

We managed to squeak through the performances with an alternative. Sage at night, sound asleep with 4 to 5 favorite dolls spread across her chest and around her body.We cuddled under their covers together, the three of us, and we folded over corners of catalog pages, circled and crossed-off and re-circled dolls. Coffee colored skin, black hair, green eyes. Christmas morning, it was pretty clear we did good. Plus it’s kind of nice seeing your girls utterly in love and filled with joy. Now they are grown and nearly grown and the dolls are tucked away in closets or hope chests.

I hope your girls enjoy making memories with their dolls.

They are in love with them, but equally as in love with the set of 8 or so books about each girl that we bought (we have voracious readers here), so that makes me even happier. An hour later, they’ve still never been happier. Have they quickly become their favorite thing?

That way, they’ll have to learn to earn, and see how hard it is to work and save for what you want. We’ve talked about doing chores or extra work to earn accessories they want. Because there’s a whole other lesson in that too. That said – read the books that go along with them. Really informative, and living near the area where the tribe comes from, we were able to bring some of the scenes to life for her. But since they were willing to receive the alternate version, my girls also got a jeep, horse, bed and a few outfits to go with theirs.

I think everything takes the spin that you put on it, and what you choose to take from it. Love seeing the joy on the faces of your little ones!

Interestingly, the accessories they want the most are a wheelchair and a pair of crutches. My son was also very interested in having the cast and crutches because he broke his foot earlier this year and was in a cast for 6 weeks. But my grandmother bought the patterns & sewed me outfits and my aunts looked at craft fairs and flea markets for other outfits.

We read through all 3 book series before getting the dolls. In school we learned about history from the perspective of grown-ups, usually men. Children are seldom mentioned in history class. But, the girls in the books have some of the same feelings and concerns as modern girls. The books bring history to life for modern kids.

I bought her a doll for her 8th birthday. She has video tutorials for making all sorts of doll accessories. And though we have 7-8 dolls upstairs (split between two girls, but still. The doll resided on a stand in her nursery as part of the decor for many years but she is now a beloved companion.

We now have various beds, cars, scooters (mostly the etsy and target variety) and clothing strewn across the bedroom…but she loves those dolls like they are real.

A word of caution–be sure that the hairbrush you use for them is metal and not plastic. And let’s face it…the hair is why they are so damned expensive to begin with!

Add some gender-neutral clothes and it’s all set. Don’t you just live for those kinds of smiles?

All of this unbidden by my girls, who largely ignored the dolls and their accoutrements. Wouldn’t it be great if the brown-skinned girls had hair that didn’t look like what girl hair too?

I hope your girls continue to love their dolls.

I need to check out some etsy shops for more wardrobe options. Now she sits, hair in knots, in the bin in her closet. She still reads the catalogs though, with great joy.

We got some clothes from the auctions at my daughter’s old elementary school.

Doll Carrier Target

A doll who comes with her own book is practically an action figure.

I think parents get flack for buying their kids 37 of them…in some circles. They now sit in my spare room waiting for grand daughters some day. The first was a gift from her baby brother when he was born. It was a great sturdy doll that was much loved – at 3, my daughter kept the entire set neat and organized (yet couldn’t manage to put her sippy cup in the sink). So there is something to be said about that – the dolls occupy most of her playtime and are the only organized chaos in her room. He got it when he was four- but still loves to play with him – at seven. It would be nicer though if you could buy the big dolls in boy versions.

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love The American Girl Doll

I am not into displaying toys they can’t play with. Let me know if they decide to trade them in for something more viable. She took one look at it and demanded it be taken out of her sight.

I was a little angry, but secretly relieved. Now she is nearly 6 and trying very hard to stop sucking her thumb. She’s been asking for a doll ever since so we made a deal. Santa brought my daughter one last year that looks like her. This year he brought a brownie uniform, basketball uniform/ set and wooden recorder. They each have one historic doll and one doll of the year.

I will say, while they are expensive, they have been very well played with these last few years. Glad your daughters are enjoying the dolls.They couldn’t have cared less about those dolls, but they sure did enjoy the boxes. My daughter (who is 5) loves dolls, but hasn’t really asked for one.

We get the catalog (how that just magically started appearing once my daughter turned 3 is amazing) and she looks through it.

I will enjoy that moment, for the memory and not for the doll. It is great being able to make our kids wishes come true!

It’s been wonderful though, even the brief period where accumulation was their goal, while the dolls sat on the shelf.

I still say that was a very valuable lesson since the oldest girls talk about giving their un-used toys away, or saving them for the baby. So in the end getting her this doll was an easy decision. She picked one that looks like her and she loves it.

I expect we’ll get a lot of years of play out of it. Dresses her, takes to her in the car, every where overnight. Despite my not wanting to dive in to the whole expensive venture it was worth it. These dolls have created tons of bonding, imaginary play and adventures for my girls that no other doll has for either of them.

I sure hope they make them as well as they did 20 years ago, because you could be buying stuff your grandchildren could enjoy. She has never asked for one, finds them fun to play with but hasn’t really been drawn in to the culture. So at 8 she has figured out the “value” to others, who are more into it. They teach valuable lessons about history and growing up.

I am busy making outfits for their dolls for their birthdays. Lots of doll patterns are free if you can sew!Just finishing up outfits for bitty twins!

If you dont know all of the facts then dont assume that these dolls are a torcher to a little girls life. These dolls are amazing and teach girls to celanrate being a girl. The ten year old showed my daughter the catalog and showed her everything about the dolls. Besides at least she’ll learn from these dolls. The coolest thing is now her and her friend could have playdates with their dolls, which they’ve been doing ever since. Comes in a variety of skin/hair/ethnic versions.

I just want to point out, should it be helpful, that not all dolls need to be purchased at big box stores. Same goes for girl’s clothing, since they have some really nice clothes!

Often, people just got me books, clothes, and random toys. There is a web site that has all ogettinge pleasant company clothes patterns for free.

I was told no that they only came the way they are in the catalog.

You see we have adopted children and the two youngster are 4 months apart. So our daughter wanted a set that looked like her and her brother. Not all children are “perfect” so since she doesn’t fit in in this group. It looks that they have a lot of different combinations now. Maybe you can find what you are looking for, maybe even change hair if you have to. She has been saving her money for almost 2 months to shop there. Especially since your an adult, you should be more mature than to judge by looks.

I look like that doll, and never in a million years would act the way you described.

I felt it needed to be said, since it really hurt me. With your help, she can hit the target with a real working bow and arrow!

We bought this for our toy donation closet. She is very pretty, hopefully the doll will make some child happy. Books have been written about the first three stories, but very little written about that sailor. Sullivan was instrumental in the creation this website.

stopped worrying learned lov