By simply loosening 1 bolt, you can adjust the weight distribution of your load for the optimum tongue weight loading. It is shipped enclosed on a 6' wide x 10' long wooden pallet.

This pallet could weigh as much as 1000 to 1200 pounds depending on the model desired. It requires the use of a fork lift with minimum 6 foot long forks. Best bet is to have the system drop shipped to a business with fork lift, or pick the system up at the trucking terminal with a flat bed truck or trailer large enough to carry the pallet. He or she will enjoy hours of play with this 3 in 1 carriage combo.

Riley Opening Doll Carrier With Bed

18 inch doll travel carrier with bunk beds.

fabric baby doll basket carrier 8

A crocheted baby doll bed set that includes a cradle, a pillow, and a blanket that goes. The set fits perfectly with the crocheted ...

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