Also that, if the car did not suffer any frame damage, then you should lose more than 10-20% of the cars value but if there is frame damage you are looking at a much bigger number. Choose one who is both competent and experienced in delivering expert trial testimony when needed.

Consult with an independent auto appraiser who can convey proof of your car’s diminished value. Ours is a strong report that has been successful in both the claims process and legal proceedings. Unlike other independent auto appraisers who use formulas, algorithms and other short-cuts, we pick up the phone and obtain six unbiased expert opinions. The same scenario pertains to car dealers, insurance agents and attorneys that regularly send business our way.This tells us we’re doing a great job because nothing demonstrates that like repeat business. In some cases, a single body shop owner will send as many as a dozen clients our way each year. This is known as diminished value and you have the right to make a claim to be reimbursed. In cases of severe damage, your car may lose up to half of it’s pre-accident value. Making sure that you are aware of your right to make a third-party inherent diminished value claim against the insurance company of the person who caused the accident is part of making you whole. These guys are the ones who realize that their job doesn’t end when the car is detailed and they’ve been paid.

Also, in the case there is frame damage especially on a newer car the loss would be greater than if it were older because the cars value is higher now than it would be two years from now. Dealers were advised that this vehicle was properly repaired. Dealer opinions are based on personal knowledge and access to auction results. This is what the car owner will experience in the real world. Also, that even though it’s a few years old it would still lose some type of value for a minor accident like this; maybe 15% at most, especially if the car was repaired at reputable shop and looks good. Regardless of how well the repairer did his job, nobody will pay as much for a previously wrecked car as they would for an identical one that was never in an accident. They require imagination and craftsmanship to be done right. Rat rods are built to be enjoyed and driven. Once a car is repaired after a collision, it is worth less, often much less depending on the severity of the damage. The typical rat rod is a late-1920s through to late-1950s coupe or roadster, but sometimes a truck or sedan. Interiors of rat rods can range from spartan to fully finished, though this is typically the final phase of construction. Your rat rod must be used on a very limited basis, such as exhibitions, club activities, and parades or similar events according to many policies offered. The style is not to be confused with the somewhat closely related “traditional” hot rod, which is an accurate re-creation or period-correct restoration of a hot rod from the same era. The insurance industry doesn’t like old cars on the road. Making them difficult to insure is one way for them to solve the problem. Often, the only way you can get your coupe covered as a daily driver is with liability only. Please feel free to call 772-359-4300 with questions. This isn't always definitive, since you may not find an exact match, but it will give you some idea of what you can expect to get for your doll. You'll need to find some comps to help you set your porcelain doll's value. A doll that's had some work done on it generally is less valuable than a doll in original condition. Determine whether any repairs have been made to the doll, or whether more extensive restoration work has been done. Does the doll have all its hair and its original clothing, or have some pieces been replaced?

Obviously, mint condition porcelain dolls are worth more than those in poor condition, but it's more unusual than you probably think to have one that's in perfect mint condition. Next, you'll need to honestly assess the condition of your doll, as its condition is unlikely to be perfect.

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Some of these are numbers from the porcelain molds used to make the doll, and you can look these up online (or potentially consult an appraiser) to help you identify your particular doll. If you can't find any obvious manufacturer's markings, look for any markers on the back of the head, shoulders or upper back of the doll. Most dolls will have a manufacturer's stamp on them, and a marking indicating the year they were made. Porcelain dolls that were made 80 to 100 years ago or more can be quite valuable. First, you'll need to see if you can figure out the basics of when and by whom the doll was manufactured. Tiffany lamps can be worth anywhere from 4000 to several hundred thousand dollars. The most valuable and most highly prized by collectors have a matching base inset with mosaic glass. Gossamer-winged dragonflies, mysterious and ethereal, are admired in many cultures. He experimented with the processes of coloring glass, and in 1894 patented favrile glass, which used metallic oxides to color the interior of molten glass giving it an iridescent effect. It was truly “art for art’s sake” and beauty, grace, and harmony were the desired results. Their ideal was to create a more humane and just society through their artistic endeavors.

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It was described in 1894 as “sudden, violent curves generated by the crack of a whip “. Intertwining curvilinear forms, asymmetrical and dynamic, flowing one into another, always striving for harmony. It was considered a “total art style”, more of a movement than a style, which promoted the philosophy that art should be a way of life. Identifying the exotic veneers was a challenge. It was discontinued in 1972 due to changing tastes in dinnerware styles, but was reintroduced in 1984 with new glazes and colors. The cocktail shaker became the symbol of fashionable sophistication in many middle-class homes. Sleek-looking metals, stainless steel, aluminum and chrome appeared in even the most common household items. Now anyone regardless of their social position could afford the trendy and decorative pieces that were now available to all.

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Striking geometric patterns, bold and contrasting use of color, symmetry, lack of frills and of anything faintly romantic defined the style. The purpose of the exhibition w as to “unite art with industry”. A need was created for production of machine-made objects in quantity, cost-efficient, modern looking and affordable to all; items that were not only functional, but beautiful in their simplicity. People looked ahead to the new century witnessing the industrial progress that was giving them hope for an economic and social revival. And of course, lots of fun movies to watch. She also has a blog filled with valuable information and ideas on how to gather and store records for safekeeping. Colleges have instituted semesters abroad where students study and immerse themselves in the arts and culture of the country under the auspices of the university. In the days before photography, it formed the basis for the sketches, letters, diaries and eventually books they wrote about their experiences as well as the lessons they learned on their journeys. Enduring the extreme rigors, the weeks and sometimes months it took to get somewhere, and the perilous dangers of travel in those days was part of the adventure. It soon became the fashionable thing to do before settling down to fulfill the familial duties waiting for them at home. As a personal property appraiser, it’s important to recognize mid-century modern furniture and decorative art.The online store also offers many books, prints, photographs and objects relating to the event and to all aspects of mid-century modernism. Surface ornament and historical references began to re-emerge and influence decorative forms. The idea was one of “clean simplicity and integration with nature”. The style emphasized creating structures with broad generous windows and open floor plans, all to the intention of opening up interior spaces and bringing the outside in. Many of the most famous architects of the period were inspired by the desert environment. It inspired artists to work with, blending and contrasting, the natural materials in abundance around them.

The desert was a blank canvas to the architect, open to creative and innovative approaches in new lines, angles, and textures that worked with the environment. The uniqueness of the desert landscape and environment and the luminous, rich, clear and strong light required an architecture that was sophisticated and understated – one that would blend with the spectacular austereness and palette of the desert. Even though numerous spas and resorts sprung up to accommodate the visitors, many of the “snowbirds” and movie stars began to build second homes. The stars could stroll down the main streets and enjoy themselves in the restaurants and watering holes in relative comfort confident in being fairly anonymous. Wealthy people from all over the country, wishing to escape the winter snows and cold, soon began to value the area for relaxation and fun and as a place to enjoy the stark beauty and contrast of the scenic wonders the desert offered. We’ve seen it in offices, classrooms, waiting rooms, and restaurants. This style of furniture has been around for over 75 years. Everyone is encouraged to visit familiar as well as new institutions. Pieces owned by the government have been lost and could turn up anywhere, including private collections. The posters have become a valued and well-regarded body of work. Much of the poster art was discarded or buried in boxes hidden away in obscure storage areas. Hand-painted images on easels shifted to woodblock and lithography.

We continue to confront the issues highlighted in these works today.Surprisingly, given the era of the 1930’s, diverse cultures and ethnicities were represented and depicted with respect. They attract attention and send strong messages, able to reach a wide and varied audience. Its intention was to affirm the democratic possibilities of a project that extended across class, ethnic and racial boundaries. Artists contributed their talents to these centers and made art training and appreciation accessible to a wide and culturally diverse audience. It was a novel approach that brought “art within reach” and created new audiences by bringing art education and exhibitions to neighborhoods and communities with little or no access to museums or galleries. Those that remain are among the most notable pieces of public art in the country. When the program was halted in 1943, many of these works were allowed to deteriorate or were destroyed when the buildings were renovated or torn down. Depression and more than 200, 000 separate works were created. He also makes and sells tools and supplies for restoration, conservation and construction. A list like this would also provide valuable information to family heirs, to appraisers for purposes of valuation, and to insurance adjusters in the event of damage or loss due to earthquake, fire or flood. Where did it come from and are there marks to give you clues to its origin or maker?

When was the object made and when did you or your family acquire it?

The author stresses the importance of prioritizing to compile a list of objects. Once choices are made, don’t feel guilty, because it is okay to sell, give or throw stuff away. As a note of encouragement, pet’s manners often improve with age. He also includes puppies and kittens (and children) who “…inflict 90 percent of the damage on collectibles as compared to grown-up pets. Since each type of collectible has its own section within the category chapter, the reader can turn to the chapter to find the information he or she is most interested in without having to read through the entire book. There the reader will find basic important information about how to care for objects in general. According to the author, this book is not meant to be read from cover to cover.

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His years of experience in the conservation and preservation of objects, mark him as an expert in his field. After all, how often do you get to celebrate a 300th birthday in such elegant surroundings. These are still considered antiques, and though they may not be handcrafted with the fine details of original period furniture, they are a good and far less costly alternative for collectors who like this style. The claw-and-ball foot was carved to represent a bird’s claw holding a ball. The richest, most luxurious brocades, velvets and damasks were applied on upholstered pieces. He always used solid wood rather than employing veneers. He furnished not only elegant state apartments, but servant’s quarters and offices were given his creative touch. Fully decorated rooms as well as entire houses were supplied. He even directed and furnished funerals for his clients. These pieces would then be custom-made for them in his workshop, or in the workshops of other artisan cabinetmakers. He published three editions in 1754, 1755 and 1762. Gothic with pointed arches, quatrefoils and fret-worked legs. Barbie's face is slimmed, with a gentler smile and fuller lips. Barbie is remodelled to have a wider waist, smaller bust and slimmer hips. This series is very popular with collectors. There are always going to be buyers if a doll is rare. Barbie and were bidding to recapture their childhoods. Look for dolls and clothes in their original boxes, with accessories, and display the collection in a smoke and damp-free environment. As with any collectables, condition and storage is key. Mint-condition clothes still in original packaging are worth as much as a vintage doll. This 50-year-old has been tweaked and tucked to maintain a modern silhouette, with plastic surgery, including facial reconstruction and body reworking. Barbie has undergone a number of changes. The doll's digits were not altered for a couple of years into production. There are fakes, reissues and later productions, so it is important to know how to spot the real deal. Barbie attracted collectors long before the official collectors club was set up in 1997. This fascination is not just the preserve of teenage girls.She realised that while there were many baby dolls on the market, there were no three-dimensional adult dolls for slightly older girls to play with.