Making your own doll pillows are simple and only take about 30 minutes. If you’re like me and always looking for last minute birthday gifts, this will save your day!

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Starting at one corner, allow one inch of lace to hang off the end and pin the lace so its top edge points toward the center of the fabric and the bottom lines up with fabric’s raw edge. Use the fabric’s edge to help you pin in a straight line, but leave about 1/8 of an inch between the lace edge and the fabric’s edge. This will allow for the 1/4 inch seam allowance we will use while stitching the pillow together. Once you have pinned the lace around all four sides, overlap the ends of the lace and pin them down.Stitch the lace to the fabric using a straight stitch. This will keep the lace in place while you sew the two pieces of fabric together. Trim the overlapping edges of lace at the corner. Pin the two pieces of square fabric together with the right sides facing (those are the pretty sides). At your sewing machine, sew these together with a straight stitch and a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Push the corners out using a point turner (or just a good old fashioned pencil or pair of scissors).
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Stuff the pillow with a little bit of stuffing (but not too much, or the pillow will be too thick). Back at your machine, stitch around all four sides of the pillow with a 1/16 inch seam allowance. This will close the opening and add some nice topstitching detail to the pillow. Alternately, you could hand stitch the opening closed and omit topstitching around the whole pillow. Start by pinning the two rectangular pieces of fabric together with right sides facing, and continue through the rest of the instructions. Add these to your doll quilt and you’ve got a tiny bedding set any girl will love!

I was really drawn to amigurumi, or plushies.

I wanted to try my hand at using the safety eyes instead of stitching in eyes myself but without spending a fortune. They are not the best but they are definitely not the worst.

I believe they range from 6mm to 10mm, each getting a set of 20.

I guessed six through ten as there are five different sizes. They also included seven pairs of 12mm colored eyes and backs, along with an extra set of backs. They have extra bits hanging off and so do the backs.

I spent a bit of time with a pair of nail clippers and small scissors cutting all the extra bits off so they would not get in the way. The colored eyes are a little duller and the paint job is not the best. If you are not worried about them looking professional and just want something cute and inexpensive so you can crochet as a hobby, these are absolutely perfect.

I make a lot of crochet amigurumi items and use a lot of safety eyes. However, these are made of substantially inferior quality. Many of the backs do not make a secure connection.

I went ahead and marked the sizes on the case and threw the backs into the case as well.

I am going to let my cousin know to watch her with the loveys eyes for a while. Sassy is definitely better quality but almost same price for just 10 pairs. Someone mentioned that this has no stopper parts but the set comes with stopper parts.

I was really excited about the number of safety eyes contained in the order, as well as the box that the eyes came in.

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The backs are flimsy and bend very easily, which makes the black eyes pop out of your creation. The whole point of using safety eyes is being able to trust that they would be extremely difficult to remove. There are separators for each different sized eyes.

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