The walls and floor are from 2 sheets of 3/4" cabinet grade plywood. The roof, baseboards and shutters are from 1x4x10 white wood.

Doll Closet Plans
The facing and window trim is from 1x2x8 white wood. Sydney shows the girls how to make a bed for her dolls out of the box she came in and a few items form home.

You want something dainty with the thread length short enough to not go too far through the door. My girls have a stand for their doll and an interior height of 19 3/4" seemed to fit best (this gives a little extra height for the dolls to be on a stand and also have a hat on).The brad point drill bits are really nice for drilling into and not chipping the hard melamine surface. Unfortunately, the long center tip doesn't allow sufficient depth for the shelf supports to seat all of the way in. A masking tape flag on the drill bits works just as well if using a hand drill. To avoid any visible hardware for securing the vertical divider, a groove is cut into the underside of the top panel of the cabinet.

I cut the groove with multiple passes on a radial arm saw starting from the rear of the top panel. Since the top panel is 1/2" thick, the blade was set 5/16" up from the work surface.
by request: Need more space for your Dolls Clothes?... Check out this Fabsome and Fun to make Doll Wardrobe!

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The radial arm saw makes it easy to get a very straight cut.

I pulled the blade until the front of the cut was even with the screws holes for the magnetic catch. A router could be used to cut the entire channel, but that requires a little more prep work to get the straight groove. This includes the attaching the magnetic catch and hinge pins into the top/bottom panels, and attaching the top panel, bottom panel and kick plate to the side panels. Put the shelf supports into the bottom sets of holes and the custom holes that were drilled in the earlier step. Place the two shelves on their respective supports. The center divider will go from the top shelf into the groove in the top panel. Cut across one side, flip over and finish with a cut on the other. Using this method, the cut should be chip free, but even if you get small chips in the divider, they will probably be hidden in the channel in the top panel. Assuming it fits well, pull the shelf and divider back out and affix the divider to the shelf. The cut edge of the divider should be the edge that sits in the channel in the top panel. The factory edge should be attached to the supporting shelf.

I countersunk two #8x1" screws from the bottom of the shelf into the divider. The divider needs to be in the center of the shelf, flush with the rear edge. A clamp and flat carpenter square make it much easier to ensure that the divider is centered and square. From the rear of the cabinet, slide the shelf/divider combo (which is now one unit) back in the cabinet to mark the location of the two holes for the dowel to be inserted into. My measurements placed this 1 1/4" down from the underside of the top panel and centered back to front on the vertical divider. At this time also measure the length of the dowel rod.

I promise) to drill a hole in both the side panel and center divider. Again use a masking tape flag on the drill bit to prevent going all of the way through. If you rotate the dowel while cutting it, you can avoid splintering the rod on that last pull of the cut. When installing the dowel rod, the screws holding in the top panel on that side will need to be backed out so that there is sufficient play to get the dowel in place. The hooks are located 1 1/4" down from the top. Put the handles and strike plates on the doors, lift up the top panel to install the doors, etc.

A Doll Closet

Book Storage via Design Sponge
Make sure the other shelf is installed before nailing on the back panel. There is not sufficient clearance otherwise to put the shelf in with the doors and fixed shelf in place. To make sure the cabinet is all squared up, measure the two diagonals on the back before nailing on the back panel. This helps tighten up the look and eliminates ugly gaps between the shelf and back. The last thing to do is to lay the cabinet on its back and install the mirror. Deliver and watch those smiling faces enjoy a new home for their doll and accessories.

I also plan on painting a pretty flower on the doors to match her room. Americangirl123 beacause she was the one who made it!... My daughter would love this for her doll clothes!... This would be easy to a great looking space saver!... We've been spending some much needed family time, just hanging out at home mostly in our jammies, doing things like cooking and eating and playing board game.

Doll Closet Plans

There are many more projects just as darling as these full of ideas and tips and tricks. Do you have a basket full of doll accessories with no where to go?

Otherwise, you will need to adjust the width of this cabinet. Take the width of your 1x10 board and multiply by 2. Use either countersunk 2" screws and glue or pocket hole screws. Clasp or hasp is recommended to keep door shut. If you are cutting the star from door fronts, see step 6.

You may wish to use this footer to save money or use up scraps.

Cabinet For American Girl Dolls

Just practice first, use a compass to get the angles right, and cut out carefully with a jigsaw making straight cuts.

I have a request from my 6 year old granddaughter to build one for her plus two beds. Thank you for being so amazing and sharing all your plans.

I just made one of your raised beds and am going out to make more.

I can find the regular mortise ones but don't really want to but a forstner bit just for this. So, we decided to head to the dollar store, and convert one shelf in their closet into a doll closet.

We used an existing closet shelf, but if you did not have something like this existing already you could either buy a cheap small bookshelf, or take a drawer out of a dresser and convert that space into a closet like this. It might be more or less for you, depending on what items you have on hand. The plus to using them is that you will not need a glue gun, they will fit right over the hanger and still clip the clothes. The downside, is that you will need more packages (it would take about 6 to put together a closet the size of the one above). These are so simple, and really affordable to make if you have a hot glue gun.Grab one of your kid size hangers, and add a dab of hot glue onto one side of your first wooden clothes pin. Place it approximately 2 inches in from the center of the hanger and hold it for a few seconds until the glue starts to dry and its secure. Do the same thing with a second clothes pin on the opposite side of the hanger. Once the hot glue is dry, you simply attach the doll clothes with the clothes pins (like in picture #3).

I purchased two plastic organizers in the bathroom section of my dollar store (see photo above) to organize the shoes in and it worked perfectly!

My kids have started to play with their dolls much more since we put the closet in.

How To Make A Doll Closet Doll Crafts click the link to make this fabsome craft today!

by request: this is how we would make a doll closet:o) please ...

Clothes that used to sit in a basket, are exciting to the kids again. It was not much effort, but resulted more fun for the kids!

We had so much fun partying with you at our last party.

We hope to see you tonight’s party at 7 pm.

We love to see what you have been working on!

I skipped the rod pockets and screwed the dowel right into the sides of the closet. The inset closet doors and inset hinges were the part that really gave me a run for my money. The doors don’t hang perfectly straight but they’re sturdy and they close.

I also decided to forgo the decorative molding on the front and keep it simple.

You assume your own risk for using any methods, tools, or supplies suggested here.