Then you can overline your lips a little to get a pouty and fuller looking lip. Add white eyeliner to the waterline of your eyes to make the eyes appear bigger.

Make sure to reapply your highlighter if you used some on the bottom lip, or avoid obscuring it by sticking to a transparent gloss and not smudging the color too much. Use a transparent gloss, or one in a similar color as your lipstick. Fill in both lips with lipstick or a lip pencil in the same color as the liner you used. Create the shiny finish of doll lips by going over the color with a high-shine lip gloss.You should not use cosmetic contact lenses if you are already wearing prescription contact lenses, or if they irritate your eyes. Use a pink, peach, or red lip liner to line your lips, creating a more exaggerated heart shape by defining two rounded curves on the top lip. Use cosmetic contact lenses to make the pupils and irises of your eyes appear larger and/or more colorful. Try blue contacts for a popular doll eye color that will also help your eyes appear even larger due to the light color. Use an eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow in a color similar to your natural brows to gently fill in and define the shape. Again, try to make more or longer lines toward the outside of the eye to accentuate the size.
Barbie saree draping I have showed in this video.

I hope you will get to know South indian bridal doll dress designs and jewellery ...

Line the top lid of your eye with a brown or black eyeliner pencil or liquid liner. Apply mascara liberally to your upper and lower lashes. Blend the two shadow colors together with a small, soft blending brush. Add an even lighter white or cream shade to the inner corner of the eye and just below the eyebrow to open the eyes up. Use a lighter shade than the shadow for the outer corners for use on the top lid. Don’t go past about the middle of the eye on top and bottom with your darker eyeshadow. Use a pink or peach hued blush at the base of your cheeks using a blush brush or your fingers. Keep the blush purposely heavy, or in a distinct circle shape, for a more dramatic doll look. Achieve a similar effect for a costume or just for fun by using simple makeup to mimic a doll-like look on your own face. Il ne fait aucun doute que vous reviendrez faire le plein de fun avec cette source de jeux infinie, constamment mise à jour avec de nombreux jeux gratuits et nouveaux. Then, dab the sponge to your facial areas.

We only dab, as pressing to much powder onto your skin would mess up the doll look. Take a lip liner, but use it as an eyeliner. Dab red or pink lip gloss on your lips, then press them together. Joue à des jeux de fille en ligne avec tes amies, bats leurs scores, partage tes créations!

Apply the second coat of concealer and blend, blend, blend, and blend. Or, of course, your eye makeup and mascara would risk getting messed up. Use a pink or peach toned concealer, 1 shade lighter than your natural skin tone to create an even, and flawless base shade. Wait until the second one is absorbed by your skin too, and apply the third and last layer. It's wrong inserting them after the makeup is done, as you risk that powder could come in touch with your lens, and you'd end up with a bad eye infection. Press the moisturiser with lifting strokes into your skin. Watch me slay this forest green eyeshadow look.

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Diy Ag American Girl Doll Makeup

How to make AG Doll Makeup. MORE AG Doll DIY tutorials: DIY AG Doll SHOES #1 DIY AG Doll ...

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