She's been called a prodigy, a breath of fresh air. She wants to blow the cobwebs out of the stuffy world of classical ballet and open the doors to everyone.

At 32, she has overcome more obstacles than most of us ever face. When she began, one dance company told her she would never make it in ballet. She can make you believe she's a swan by a lake. Something happens when you feel that energy and excitement from the audience.And it's just this really magical thing that happens in those moments. She performs to sell-out crowds on grand stages across the country. Almost 8 million viewed this commercial online. And there she was on the cover of time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people. It's 3, 000 miles and a world away from where she began. She, her divorced mother and five siblings moved around like nomads.

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She hadn't been back in almost two decades until she returned with us. She'd play with her brothers and sisters on the balcony. She imagined the railing outside their rooms to be her private studio. It was a - it was a nice little, little escape. The graceful dancer we see today stumbled into ballet. But it was almost like a vision of what she could be one day.

I knew that she was going to be one of the greats. It takes most ballerinas more than three years to get up on their toes.

I just never experienced anything like that.

We would work day and evenings to - to make up the time. It was like watching my future slip away. The local prodigy's legal drama made headlines. For the second time she was spotted by someone who would change her life. A big deal, because there are so few black dancers in major ballet companies.

I don't have the right legs, my muscles are too big. She's changing perceptions one step at a time. It takes a lot of effort to look this effortless. It looked alright to us, but after the scene, we could see the frustration on her face. She put on her stage face and finished the performance. Three years ago, in rehearsal for her first starring role as the mythical firebird, she didn't tell anyone her left leg was hurting badly. But seven months later, with a plate in her leg, she was back on her toes. She had to build her way back, but soon was in top form dazzling audiences once again. She dreams of making the leap to principal dancer, the most elite position in the ballet world. She's already getting the chance to dance starring roles.

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