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Doll Fancy Dress Costumes
She also creates miniature doll houses, meticulously furnished. Fashion fun is good to go with this magnetic dress-up set with extensive wardrobe and accessories!

Mix and match the outfits and accessories of this princess and her stunning horse ready for adventure!

The package arrived quickly and was in great condition.I also love that it is wood so it is able to last much longer than traditional paper dolls. It comes in a wood box that has no lid so once you remove the plastic wrap all the little pieces will need to go in a ziplock bag so they don’t get lost. It comes completely wrapped in plastic, under the plastic there is a thicker piece of plastic that fits into the left side of the tray (over the outfits, a little cover).

We put her in once and attempted to take her from the kitchen table to the living room and one step later, she went crashing to the floor and her clothes fell off!

Maybe they can add some sides to the stand to stablize it better. It is a quality play set but it has no lid or anyway to keep it all together for individual play time.

Barbie Doll Fancy Dress

Moon star preprimary school.

If you have a file shelf for puzzles and can store it away it is great. Definitely a take out and play together item and put away.

I originally bought them for my oldest when she was 5 and her sister was 3, now they are 6 and 9 and these are still being played with!

I wish that the dress up dolls like this came with covers to them so that the pieces wouldn't fall out and they could be stored upright. It is large enough that it will be easy for her to handle, it is beautifully fone & the colors are wonderful.

I do wish it came in a box with a lid, like a game box, so the outfits don't get misplaced. They were in the same preschool class and the teacher used to have a few of these type of magnetic dress up dolls. It turned out to be a great present for the little girl.

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