Holiday Glam Stars barbie

Barbie ®, Holiday Glam Product Description To get away from it all without sacrificing the comfort of your own home glam.
Make a jump in the super - equipped kitchen for a delicious meal or a tasty snack with Barbie and her best friends. Extract the peninsula for lunch all together outdoors.
The living room is transformed into a bedroom to dream of a fairytale life come true.

  • The living room is transformed from a relaxation area on the first floor in the bedroom on the second floor
  • A dinner for two on the peninsula fantastic sitting on stools shaped
  • Living room with “TV” screen TVs and couch that turns into bed
  • Accessories ” always right” to a house always super neat
  • Includes house, furniture and accessories
  • Barbie and her friends are sold separately
  • Recommended age 3 years A special place for Barbie and her friends Away from the cameras and crowds, Barbie Glam Vacation refuge in his house to chill with her friends and get away from the hustle of his life as a VIP.
    How wonderful to enter the house through the front door and get the pink super - equipped kitchen. Removing the peninsula Barbie and her friends can dine outdoors on the stools in the form of flakes Play spaces modular The living room is hooked off the kitchen allowing access to the terrace to admire a breathtaking sunset. And once night fell, Barbie and her friends can relax on the couch to watch a movie with the “TV” flat screen or turn it off to get a long chat Time for a rest of beauty Moving the living room from the first to the second floor, above the kitchen, the area is transformed into a beautiful bedroom for Barbie. And the sofa converts to a bed with a pillow.
    Do yourself a restful sleep because Barbie and her friends will live another fabulous day tomorrow What do you find in the package

  • The package includes home furnishings and accessories. Barbie and her friends are sold separately, subject to availability
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    Mattel Barbie X7945 Holiday Glam

    Mattel Barbie X7945 Holiday Glam

    Item Weight2.1 Kg
    Product Dimensions11.4 x 49.5 x 32.4 cm
    Age recommended by the manufacturer36 months -8 years
    Item model numberX7945
    Model NumberX7945
    Assembly requiredYes
    Batteries requiredNo
    Batteries includedNo

    holiday glam games toys

    Mattel Holiday Games toys
    Mattel Holiday Games toys
    Mattel Holiday Games toys

    Brand: Mattel
    Item number: 7945

    Barbie Glam House


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    What better way to satisfy a craving just as you express it and, at the same time, avoid the rush in toy stores during the holidays?

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    And well-equipped and stable.
    My daughter has loved it.
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    product purchased with a saving of € 20 compared to the price of the store and delivery in 3 days, all as described.

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    Holiday Home Barbie

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    Done well. Bella.

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    a nice toy to make happy your children, full equipped colorful, great to combine with other dolls recommended.