It must feel pretty good to have made that!

I really like this style for the newborn days right on up.

Doll Baby Carrier Tutorial
I should post some new pictures, but suffice it to say, the carrier's still holding up great and staying very supportive at even toddler weights!

They use it in tight lacing corsets because it has the strongest hold!

Read more about my family and me here, and join the hobo parenting movement. That being said, this tutorial is different from what you will find out there on the internet because you will only need 3 yards of fabric!It works nicely to taper the ends so it is easier to tie. Mom of 5, it has to be a fairly quick project for me or it doesn’t get done!

So, set that fabric piece down and grab the fat quarter. Now fold your fat quarter in half and iron. When you iron and finish the 22′ sides of the fat quarter, just go ahead and iron and finish the whole piece all four sides. When you pin and top stitch the 22″ sides of the fat quarter to the cotton knit piece just go ahead and top stitch the whole fat quarter onto the cotton knit all the way around.

Now take your scraps and visit lil blue boo’s tutorial and make some cute hair pom poms!

Thank you for your post and information!!!

Most importantly we always want baby to be safe!

Have you noticed a mark on the baby’s back after wearing for long periods of time?

I need to be hands free so this is perfect!

Thanks for the pattern and easy to understand instructions. Your directions are clear, and the tuorial is great – very nice tutorial on how to wrap it. Which way should my one way stretch fabric stretch?

Or does stretch cotton only come one way?

Single knit fabrics usually stretch across the grain, which would be the width. There are special ways to place an infant in the wrap.

I made a wrap for my little girl a few months ago, and it is so handy!

Just finished making one, can’t wait to try it out once the little one wakes up.

I would love to see how your’s turns out.

I am not an expert, just love to sew and love my baby wrap!

Any other ideas for a the next tutorial???

In your video you just tied it on easily. Is that because the one way fabric hugs your body more so you can tie it tight yet the baby still fits in nicely?

And finally do you use 100% cotton or a mix?

I never could get those ring slings to work for me, and never felt secure or comfortable with them. The more you use your baby wrap the easier it will be for you to put it on. Mine usually went on tight and then loosened up a wee bit as baby settled in. Mine kept sticking to itself and it was nearly impossible to fold it exactly in half. Also, is there any way to keep the edges laying flat instead of curling up?

hobo mama baby carrier tutor 1
I really don’t know any special tricks, knit is different to work with and you kind of just have to get used to it.

You may just have to see what works best for you!

I really wanted a wrap for use around the house, and for my husband (stay at home dad) when he was at our home school coop with the big kids.

I was so happy to run across your tutorial, and plan on making one of these this weekend!

But what is the maximum baby weight can be carried in this baby wrap?

I am not sure of the maximum weight for the baby wrap. It took a while for me to learn how to use it and really feel comfortable being completely hands free.

I have a 2 year old almost 3 who would love this!

You could use the same idea here just make it much smaller. Most importantly we want baby to be safe!

I am not really sure so you should use your best judgement. He was colicky and it was a lifesaver to be able to carry him close to me to comfort him and get things done around the house.

hobo mama baby carrier tutor 2