We have 20 members with no dues at the present time.

We feel it's important to keep this artform alive and thriving.

We support our community through contributions.

We participate as a group to events and try to provide a annual retreat. Have about 45 members of all skill levels and welcome visitors and new members.

We sponsor and support quilting activities, including community and public service projects.We are a very small friendly group of about eight members.

We make quilts/other items for charities.

We invite all interest persons to attend. All levels of quilters from beginners to advanced are welcome.

We do many exciting projects each year and love to promote quilting to newcomers. This is a fun daytime guild sharing in the love of quilting and using the art form to help within the community.

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The group enjoys classes, speakers and programs. National speakers and classes 4-6 times a year and local programs the other months.

We promote and perpetuate the art of quilting.

We are currently working on quilts for veterans and charity quilts and learning new skills. Our main focus is to share our collective quilting skills with each other and the community, to further the art of quilting, and to have a good time too!

Doors open 30 minutes before each meeting.

We meet to learn more about quilting, to share our love of quilting with the community, and to build long-lasting friendships.

We have a raffle to benefit our charity and have a program or speaker each month.

We have show & tell at each meeting and a raffle table. See our website for more informaion on our guild.

We welcome visitors for free at their first visit to see what we are all about. Future plans include activities and programs of interest to quilters of all experience levels and community service projects. There is no additional cost to you and helps support this free site. The library's phone number is 404-286-6980. Anyone with an interest in quilting with sisterly fellowship is invited to attend.

We enjoy workshop days and our guest speakers.

We come early to share our sack lunches and visit. Monthly workshops are held at the church, setup at 9:30 workshops start at 10:00. New member and visitors are always welcome!

Activities include, block of the month, show and tell, raffle door prizes. Lots of learning, fellowship and sharing. Meetings start with a social time at 6:30pm and meetings at 7:00pm.

We have programs, block-of-the month, challenges, field trips and community projects.

We have varied programs with challenges, swaps, sewins, field trips and many charity project.

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We make quilts for the local nursing homes and make pillowcases for children in the local hospital.

We have a monthly program with show and tell, fat quarter and door prize drawings.

We love to share our collective knowledge and assist new learners & learn from those with more advanced training in a friendly environment. Work night is a learning or teaching night.

We have two quilt camps each year either at our meeting site or a larger facility which run for four days.

We will be doing fat quarter swaps and are talking about starting a show.

We are starting several round robins for the new year.

We are a new group and currently have no dues.

We also meet about once a month for a "sew day" and try to do group classes every other month.

We normally have at least one project or swap going on each month.

We participate in various community service projects, and our monthly meetings feature speakers, mini-classes, and fellowship.

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We have a block of the month, classes, workshops, make baby quilts for hospitals and shelters.

We host a quilt show in odd numbered years.

We have block exchanges, workshops, brown bag, and trips plus more.

We have monthly programs & workshops. The meetings are rotated between the three cities. Je pense qu'à 4 ou 5 on peut lui faire la peau. Personnellement je ne joue pas aux jeux vidéo, alors peut-être que ce n'est pas très fidèle, mais je ne vais pas au cinéma pour voir des labyrinthes et un gus qui s'y ballade de dos en flinguant des monstres plus ou moins tordus... Maintenant si tu as lu ce message elle viendra pendant une pleine lune dans ta maison et volera ton âme à moins que tu ne suives ces instructions:1. Evidently, "5 pieces" means the pieces when each of the two larger dolls are taken apart (count the top and bottom of each doll), plus the little one. Bon ok je vais etre direct, ce film est une bouse monumentale, et même le synopsis n'a rien a voir avec le film. My little girl has enjoyed them and we may decide to purchase more for her friends. This festive style can be enjoyed year round, but makes a particularly nice accent on a holiday table or mantle. But, the face and the strawberries on the doll are actually printed stickers that have been varnished over.

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