I love discovering older dolls and reviewing them.

I was really curious about this doll's quality and articulation.

Doll Divine Hogwarts
Another thing that made it easy to de-box this particular doll was the fact that her box came in pretty bad shape. Hermione is attached to a cardboard backdrop with wire ties and some thread in her hair. Hermione is mounted inside a three dimensional cardboard archway.

I dipped the stone in hot water and then rubbed it on the crest.The robe is made out of a shiny black synthetic fabric that's prone to wrinkles. Gryffindor uniform should include a long-sleeved sweater instead of a vest, but the extra layering would be impractical for such a small doll. The skirt opens in the back with velcro, but the vest does not have an opening seam. The vest certainly looks better without a seam in the back, but it's a bit of a hassle to get it off. People react very differently (and often strongly) to smiling dolls. The doll has appropriately thick eyebrows and quite a lot of detail in her eyes.

Another thing that's hard to do with smaller dolls is make intricate clothing for them. The vest is made out of a grey waffle knit and has fine rib knit trim around the neck, sleeves and along the bottom. The issues with the vest stem from the fact that it's not actually knitted together as a whole, but made from cut pieces of knitting that have been stitched together. The blouse closes in front with one plastic snap. This feature makes dressing and un-dressing a little more fiddly, but the blouse stays tucked in very nicely. Hermione's whole body is made out of hard plastic, with the exception of her soft vinyl head. First of all, the pins at these joints are made out of metal. Oddly, the arms can flex more at the elbow when the back of the hand is facing towards the direction of the joint's movement--or towards the smaller angle of the joint. Hermione also has a double-jointed torso. Hermione has elastic-strung hip joints with a great range of motion. She has a great range of motion in her rotating hinged ankles, too.

I really like it when dolls are able to balance in positions other than with both legs straight underneath them. The wand is also pretty fun to play with. Hermione's skinny body shape and looks great from a distance. Hermione has an appealing face, great hair, and a plastic body with thirteen points of articulation.

I fear that they will only get worse with time.

I love her outfit, but not exactly love her face. Would you consider reviewing either of these lines?

I love her outfit and accessories, though!

Smiling dolls tend to have that effect on people. There's a very fine line between creepy and lovely with this kind of expression!

I like the close ups of her face, but not so much the distant ones.

I spent a lot of time trying to get super-close portraits, but she's really small. In fact, maybe that's why the head size doesn't seem so obvious in person--because the whole doll is so small.

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She played with her constantly and her legs got so loose that when she took the doll in the bath tub with her, she actually 'kicked' as she floated in the water!

I feel like that character got screwed at every turn with the movies. His best stuff got cut out and his role shrunk as the movies went along. These are amazing likenesses to all three characters!

I just cut up the back of the boots so they can be slipped on and off easily. And it adds an interesting element of seeing what styles have changed or stayed the same since those dolls' were released. She comes with a little parallel bars set that you can attach her to so she can spin around. If her eyes and mouth were reduced by about 20 percent it would look much more natural. This review is inspiring me to track her down and try her out on a couple of different bodies. Thanks for the review, is always a pleasure to read your reviews. Man seeing this doll brings back memories!

Doll Divine Hogwarts

The missing shoe is a shame, could still pop up, but doubtful. The clothes are well made and are not in that awful pink.

I hope that you, your family and other loved ones are okay. Bless your angel with a heavenly hairstyle—you can even give her awesome highlights!

Select your background, and then get really hands-on by drawing beads on your angel.
The creators I used were LOTR/Hobbit, The Tudors, and Hogwarts Scene Maker. All of which can be found at DollDivine.com.

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