She received the jeep to pull the camper and is a "happy camper"!

First off, it's huge, so shipping took up a big part of the cost.

Doll Camper
This was perfectly priced and well worth it. My daughter wanted the camper for her birthday.

I gave this to my granddaughter for her birthday along with the 4x4 car. It's well made and comes with a lot of accessories.I bought this for my daughter because she said at least we'll have one in the family. It's about girls growing up together and creating the narrative of an extraordinary generation. Generation is much bigger than an 18” doll. They can be collected and saved and recycled the old fashioned way (by being passed on), are shipped in eco-friendly packaging, and are easy to clean and maintain.

I have looked into this for you and can confirm both are the same item. Close up to hit the road again - cool details, like pink wheels, a moving steering wheel, silvery accents and open windows - make motoring fun.

Diy How To Make Doll Camper Extreme Handmade Crafts

by request: You asked for it!!... You got it!!... Check out this FABSOME Doll Camper!... Perfect for all your 10"-12" Dolls!

A fire pit and marshmallows roasting on sticks are perfect for friend and family bonding moments. Use the interior to eat or sleep - pull up the two seats from the front cab to create chairs for the table or hook up the hammocks to let two sisters sleep under the stars. The back of the camper holds a closet and bathroom with sink, shower and toilet on one side - on the other, is a kitchen with sink and refrigerator. The open side becomes a pool with a water slide and stairs that fold out to really make a splash!

We're environmental leaders in our industry.

Our Generation Doll Camper Vs My Life As Doll Camper Review

Reviewing Our Generation RV Camper and My Life As Camper. Each doll camper comes with doll accessories. Unboxing and ...

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