Appearing on every doll's “best dressed” list, she's always perfectly coiffed, expertly accessorized and delightfully dressed. Choose from an enchanting charmeuse chartreuse gown, a striking metallic silver and black dress, a luxe purple chartreuse look and a stunning blue satiny fishtail fashion.

Doll Dress Black
Each delivers affordable fashion play for the adult collector with inspired looks and realistic details, like rooted eyelashes. The price was very reasonable for the quality. She's so detailed & comes with a stand. Also has eyelashes and amazing curled hair.I think the eyelashes made a huge difference. But the stand doesn't work well - too light and flimsy. Barbie is one of the prettiest dolls out there!

The doll is a collectible but, my oldest granddaughter plays with it.

I told her not to comb or brush the hair, though. Combing and brushing the hair would ruin it.

Barbie Doll How To Make Black Glamour Dress

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Doesn't show her with those lashes on the pictures, still an amazing doll though.

I purchased it for myself but my daughter decided she wanted it.

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How To Make A Doll Dress + Free Pattern / Black Lace Dress Gothic Dress

In this complete tutorial I will show you how to sew a dress for your Monster High doll. This is a long romantic black dress...

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