Cotton, machine wash, warm water, turn inside out. Fits may vary by style or personal preference.

Doll Child Matching Pajamas
You can save measurements for every member of your family. Best friends forever who can match their outfits together!

You outfits are special because they come in sizes for both kids and dolls, letting children dress as a twin with their favorite doll!

If you wear matching pajamas, maybe you’ll have matching dreams, too!These polyester fleece pajamas are cozy and snuggly and perfect for chilly weather. The pink and white pajamas feature a classic winter pattern featuring snowflakes, hearts, and polka dots. Parents will be happy to know that both the children’s pajamas and doll pajamas are machine washable!

There are lots of ways of dressing as twins with your dolls!

If given the choice, they most definitely gravitate to products that are ‘like them’.

I have to admit, it’s was one fun aspect of having twins.

Reborn Mommy And Baby Matching Pjs Doll Break Ep. 799

I still hear them say, for instance, “wear the same socks so we can be twins”. Of course these sets are nothing short of adorable. As a parent who want bang for the buck, all the cute in the world can’t compare to a quality made item. The fabric used on these items are thick and soft, such a difference than the pyjamas they’ve gotten recently from stores. So you have the matching cute factor, but also a really great pajama!

They’ve literally been wearing them non-stop. Making nighttimes a bit easier is being cuddled in with you best doll friend, who not only has your back – but your style. Your girls are even cuter than the dolls.

I don’t have twins, but siblings would still love these pajamas.

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I found an amazing website that sells dresses, pajamas and more for your American Girl dolls with a matching one for you.