All are easy for small children to hold & carry. Safety tested and approved for children age 12 months and up.

Doll African American
Hand washable body & easily removable outfit, so you can make your dolly as good as new. Sculpted hair & fixed open eyes means less moving parts. Fragrance free & hand washable body helps you keep it as good as new for years. Wouldn’t you agree that speaking to others is an important skill in life?It really helps her by giving her something to care for and interact with. She thinks it’s a real baby and she likes to play with it.

I chose these because of the small size, soft bodies, and adorable faces.

We needed more dolls that were not blue eyed.

We wash them in the washing machine every day and they come out looking like new. All the kids like these dolls, but they are a very big hit with our toddlers.

2017 Queens Of Africa Dolls Review African American Aa Doll Review W/ Body Swap

Her soft body is great for bed time cuddles, and her small size is perfect for a 2 1/2 year old. Although she is a simple, inexpensive doll, she looks very cute and seems to have more personality than a lot of similar dolls. The hat even has a bit of elastic sewn in the back to help keep it on. My only complaint was that each ethnicity only has one color choice for the clothes. It would be nice to have a less girly option.

You can purchase a different colored romper separately, but they are almost as expensive as the doll itself. It’s so funny to see how far people will go to prove that they’re “cool with” other races.

I started buying the black doll for all of my friend’s kids (who are not black). Whats even cooler is that the kids don’t realize the doll’s skin color and they love her to bits. My 6-year-old daughter would happily play with the doll too though.

I got this baby to add some diversity to my daughters baby doll collection. She just turned three years old and baby dolls are her favorite toy.

I like the soft body of the doll and the fact that it is washable is a super huge deal to me. The baby doll seems to be of pretty good quality and i am really happy with my purchase.

I personally rely on others reviews very heavily when i am looking to purchase items online. Therefore i always try to give my best and most accurate review that i can. Sometimes it is nice to read about others personal expriences and opinions rather than just reading a products description. If you have any questions about my expeirence with this doll please feel free to ask those questions and i will try to answer them the best that i can according to the experience that i had with this doll. Preferring the face on the boy to the one on the girl we were not disappointed when this one arrived. Clothes are removable and he also comes with a blankie/towel.

We purchased this at the full prevailing price.

We were not required to write a review but chose to do so.

I purchased several dolls for our church nursery.

We have many little toddlers from 18 months to almost three years of age.

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These are the perfect size and in my opinion, have beautiful, cute faces. The outfit my doll arrived in was exactly as pictured. The matching hat is removeable and although the eyes do not open and close the face is sculpted so that the eyes look pretty real for a doll in this price point.

I will order more to keep at my house for grandkids!

Talking and singing, smiling and frowning, eating and drinking – she is just like a real baby!

She comes with everything you need to care for her!

And when she’s hungry, mix up her special doll food and use her spoon to feed it to her.

You can tell she needs her diaper changed when she gets fussy and “cries”, but once you change it, she’s fresh as a daisy and ready to snuggle again!

In the pic the doll is good looking but in real it is an ugly doll. The doll face was not given sufficient time to dry so the face not smooth at all.

I am only keeping this doll because is in love with it but as a parent this was a waste of my money another thing why they make black dolls so ugley this is an insult.

Doll African American

My daughter has outgrown her but will live on in her memories. It is a every real live baby that does everything. But this actual doll face is distorted on the left side and she makes a noise w/ every motion.

I wrap the doll up until my daughter birthday which was on 2/16/11 and gave it to her after she came home from her birthday party in school. She open the box and the doll responded slow i thought it was just the batterys. It was the doll it self something was wrong with the doll.

I hope everything is alright with this doll. The only thing is that it doesn’t come wih a lot of food an pampers so if you’re going to buy this make sure to buy extra accessories with the doll. It was all over my daughter’s bedspread but it easily comes out in the washer.

New Baby Born African American Doll With Magic Pacifier & Musical Potty!

Unboxing & Feeding!

New Baby Born African American Doll with Magic Pacifier and Musical Potty!

Unboxing, Cleaning, Feeding and Changing!

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