Barbie pet groomer doll comes with a pet customer and grooming station. A grooming space has a hook for the blow dryer.

Doll Baby Pet Grooming
The set is quite cute and should make a little girl happy. Lessen stress by booking in home visit or schedule pick up. All that's needed is a bathtub, power source, space to set up table and dryer and we provide the rest. Schedule pick up or drop off personally at our personal confidential location.Day spa & grooming for dog puppies and kittens by american girl dolls and our generation doll.

Play Our Generation Dolls Pet Grooming Spa Toys!


Let's learn how to wash puppy toy with Our Generation BAby Doll Pet dog grooming spa salon. “Thank you Our Generation ...

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Play Our Generation Baby Doll Pet Grooming Spa With Baby Puppies Toys!


Watch our American Girl Doll Pet Grooming Playset Review. The Pet Grooming Set is from Our Generation.

We really like the pet ...

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