Definitely one of the best websites online. If you have a touch screen then play like my sister.

Doll Game Scary
She tried again then she touched the screen the finish line!

You can also have a look at some scary maze prank videos and see the trick being played on other unsuspecting victims. Play the scary maze game online for free and prank your friends with the exorcist face. Take on the hordes of goblins and stop the goblin armies.Use the mouse to move and to talk to people. Protect it during the night using spells. Get your pumpkin from one end of the screen to the other. Shoot and kill the zombies or get eaten by them. Upgrade your character, weapons, and base along the way. Drive the zombies heads as far as you can.

Do Not Play The Living Doll Game At 3am!

*More Scary Than One Man Hide And Seek* (Gone Wrong)



See if you can make it out of your nightmare alive!

You can buy bigger and better weapons to help you along. Shoot your way out to redeem and save yourself. Pick up weapons and powerups to become stronger. Can you discover the truth without getting scared?

You will be entering this creepy house first. Your quest is to put the undead back where they belong. Collect items to help you with obstacles. Defeat the nuisance of the zombies and their friends. Why not share this scary game with your friends?

If you find these games too scary to play, you can always try playing some room escape games. Some people get mad when you play a scary prank on them. These scary prank games like the scary maze game are very effective in frightening people. But there are also scary games that you can play to scare yourself, many have tasks to complete, hidden objects and a mystery to solve. A lot of the best scary games are jokes or pranks meant to be played on unsuspecting friends or family. If you like being scared then some of these scary games might be right up your street. Some games aren't actually that scary but some others really do scare the people playing them. The sound isn’t that scary after a few tries, it just sounds like a car screeching when it suddenly presses the brakes. Besides, same thing on the scary maze game. Each time, the red dot gets smaller and more difficult to find. The game starts out very easy, but it gets harder and harder as it goes along. Try it out and see if you can complete the game. Each time, the dot gets smaller and more difficult to find. The game starts out easy but it gets harder as it goes along.

Scary Maze Game

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You have to find the red dot in each picture. It can take up to 24 hours for new comments to be shown. My only criticism was that the map was really dark, even with the brightness upped. Was really creepy with a couple of good scares in it to keep it sharp.

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One Man Hide And Seek!

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