This set includes a magnetic wooden doll with a wooden stand and lots of colorful and attractive magnetic outfits and accessories for pretend play!

One annoyance is that if your child (like mine) is still at an age where they like to put things in their mouth, you will need to closely supervise their play.

My daughter stuck one of the dresses in her mouth and scraped her teeth over it and some of the color came off, making the piece not so pretty. Both the kids love them and they keep them busy for a while, considering they have the attention span of toddlers!

My 3 year old is great putting all their outfits together properly but my 2 year old usually piles all of the clothes on at once. It’s a great quiet activity that we can all do together.She enjoyed this set and played hard with it. It was colorful and stood the test of time. The stand it comes with to prop the doll up is not very stable and requires a balancing act to keep it standing up.

I don’t know how educational it is, but my 17 month old daughter seems to like it.

All My American Girl Dolls And How I Dress Them

All of my dolls and how I dress them based on their own unique style. **Note: Two dolls were missing from this video *Music* Cool …

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games barbie cooking dress gall american girl doll 1