They can take many shapes such as practical or fantastic and informal or formal, but most include a set of goggles that also help to incorporate other sci-fi origins, as well. Many enthusiasts pride themselves on their exemplary steampunk costumes.

This has helped to push the steampunk sub-culture into mainstream popularity. Coming up with your own steampunk costume idea can be overwhelming or expensive. However, if you try hard enough you can create a costume that is basic, but yet workable. Here are some ideas to help you along the way.This number will greatly vary depending on the kinds of clothes you already own. When deciding the budget for this type of costume, it’s important to be aware that between half and three-quarters of that budget will be spent on the large costume piece like the suit, corset, or dress. Just remember to keep aesthetics in mind. Animal costume ideas – homemade fox costume!

You could also use plain black or white clothes, or mix and match!

A brown dress, brown tights, boots and accessories topped off with a deer mask.

We went super pink and frilly with this bunny rabbit costume. Pull out a tutu, pink tights and top and some pink sneakers or shoes. Look out anything striped and/or orange from your family’s wardrobe to put together this easy tiger costume. To make the tail stuff a sock with cotton wool and bin it to the back of the trousers.

We picked a nice chunky knit wool cardigan and brown cords. Our popular wild animal mask set features some of the fiercest jungle and swamp creatures from around the world. Calavera or sugar skull paper mask template pack and these very cool lucha libre mask sets.

We hope you enjoyed our 10 animal costume ideas!

Halloween is just around the corner and children are not the only ones who love playing dress-up.

We all love playing make-believe and it’s really fun to give our inner vampire or ghoul or superhero or movie star a night fully “out” of the closet. And you still have plenty of time to get super creative!

Lots of adults go all “out” for adult parties – but consider getting “in the mood” even to take the kids to that safe trick and treat event at the mall, or surprising your young guests when they ring your doorbell. What a great thrill t to show up “in role,” and to act all evening as though you yourself had been cast in your favorite movie. Time to review that list of riveting movies you’ll never forget. It’s time now to poke through your fantasies and break “out” of your mold – and we look forward to publishing your photos!

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