Perfect for that special child in your life. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about doll clothes cutouts?

The most common doll clothes cutouts material is batiste. In the picture above are 19 different sizes of dolls but with a little adaption to fit the largest and smallest of the dolls, they all can wear dresses made from my outfit sets. Each outfit set comes with mix and match tops, skirts, sleeves, and accessores which can be combined to create many different outfits. She has an unlimited supply of clothes for her dolls and unlimited coloring pages she can put into action!The possibilities are endless with these clothes. In addition to the color versions, each of my outfit sets comes with an ink saving template version that uses only black ink to print. After printing the template it can be colored with crayons etc for a unique look. In the above picture the dress on the right is the basic uncolored template. The dress on the left and the dress one from the right are templates that have been colored with crayons. The dress one from the left is a regular color ink printed dress.

If you’d like to try out paper dresses for your dolls, the dresses in the above picture are available as a free download.

free printable paper doll cu
free printable paper doll cu 1