I wasn’t going to be running to the store. One big ball of yarn and hook to the rescue!

If you have a particularly wide bottle, you can just add a couple rounds to the bottom using standard increases, as in the pattern. The kids carried their bottles all day long without a single complaint – and these are kids who occasionally moan about carrying their own towels to the pool. Breathable cotton yarn and wide straps that weren’t too long made them comfortable and easy to use – and washable to boot!

Break the yarn, leaving 6-12″ inches for sewing, and finish off.Use this tail to whip stitch the strap tightly to the opposite side of the opening. The strap is 6 sts wide and the opening is 30 sts around, so you should have 9 sts between the strap ends on each side. In the middle of one side of the opening, away from the handles, join the yarn with a sl st and ch 1. Repeat on other side of the sling and handle. The kids carried their own water, no whining occurred (well, not about that at least), and we have the perfect accessory for our next summer outing. Enjoy your summer vacation and drink your water!

How about making the strap say the 50 row length and put button holes an inch apart or so at the end of the strap.

I have ideas for an adjustable strap, and will let you know how they turn out.

I can’t wait to see that adjustable strap – great modification idea!

I don’t have anywhere to attach a cupholder. This will work for my coffee mug, water bottle or soda. He uses the stainless steel water bottles – the sling can absorb the “sweat”.

I want to make them for everyone, myself included. And the stainless steel ones just stood up to kid abuse better!

But of course you can put any bottle type you like in there!

You have an amazing ability to create and translate your creativity to others. Was just letting you know, thanks again for the great post.

I have given them as gifts and people love them!!

Decided to whip one up and came across this pattern. Once again, your site comes in to save the day!

I will make a couple of these slings and send to my friend and her troops who station oversea.

I whipped it up easily in the morning for my stainless steel water bottle to use the same day. This pattern uses the standard formula for circles, so it’s a great way to learn it!

So to squeeze in 2 more rounds to make the circle bigger, we’re going to continue the pattern you might have spotted in the previous rounds.

You can see what has changed in each round – the number of stitches worked between the increases (the increases are where we work 2 sts in 1 st), and the final st count for each round. So there are 6 increases in each round, and the number of stitches in between grows to keep it even. But you can absolutely use acrylic if you like!

We sometimes use glass bottles with ceramic and wire bale flip tops as water bottles. The lovely crocheted bag will protect the bottles from a chip or crack if it accidentally bangs up against something. Plenty of time to make stocking stuffers in everyone’s favorite color, too.

So happy to hear you & your family had a great time at our zoo.

I love it and have made the switch to babyliss!

Not one of them could penetrate my thick, curly hair enough to do anything other than heat up the cuticle and make sizzling noises.

I spent 700 on ionic straightening, and this iron works better!!!!

Easy To Make Reborn Baby Carrier Using A Scarf

This is a much requested video and i hope it helps alot of you Reborn Families to be able to help you take your babies out.