Sweet accents include an inlay with a delightful print and a charming purple bow at the neck. The doll is so tiny, probably only 5 inches tall, if that, with the two dresses and 4 accessories.

Doll Fashion Royalty
The outfits are adorable and the doll is sturdy. The hair is almost pomaded in such a way that it will stay in place but this is really nice since the doll doesn't come with a hair brush and the hair getting snarly and messy is one of my pet peaves about dolls. It was rated ages 3-9, and some of the parts seem a bit too small for a 3 year old. The clothes are also a bit hard to manipulate for hands that small.I would recommend this for kids 5 and up who have the fine motor skills to do the dolls clothing changes themselves.

I ordered this for a birthday gift and was so excited. She is smaller than the size of a pencil. Kaiulani was also known as the peacock princess for her favorite pets. This doll and wardrobe based on actual clothes worn by her. This paper dolls features highlights from her vast surviving wardrobe.

Fashion Royalty Custom Elise (Elyse) Integrity Toys Repaint Ooak

Fashion Royalty Custom Elise (Elyse) Integrity Toys repaint OOAK Harajuku Decora Kei ❤
Girl Custom Doll Ever After ...

How to contact me or request my catalog via snail-mail. There he drew much of his inspiration to create this jewel in our crown.

Fashion Royalty Sneak Peak Review

This video features the last five dolls I have added to my collection as of 10/15/18.

I am preparing to attend the Fashion...

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