There's something extra snuggly and cosy about being enveloped in a blanket that has been lovingly crafted, one that has had hours of love poured into those perfectly formed stitches. These stitches seem to hold an abundance of memories, memories whose warmth, love and existence is embedded into the yarn.

Doll Blanket Knitting Pattern
I have two beautiful crochet blankets that my mother made. Two giant double sided super snuggly granny squares. These blankets are made up of scraps of leftover yarns and jumpers that had been pulled down once they had served their purpose. These jumpers were ones that my mother had knitted for her six children.These blankets are well loved in our house. It's a great canvas to use up leftovers, pulled down garments, excess yarn. They sleep with them every night in winter. There are even some leftovers from doll clothes. Instagram feed and had a number of people ask about the pattern.

I haven't really used a pattern as such but there are plenty out there.

Doll Blanket Pattern For 18 Inch Dolls Easy For Beginners

The best way to do it is to pick up all the stitches first by sliding your needle from left to right through the stitches closest to the edge (not the little knot thing that forms on the edge itself) then knitting the stitches onto your left needle once they're all on your needle.

I suggest making sure that you get a reasonable amount done initially.

I spent a week knitting nothing but my mitred square blanket. It's now a sort of almost usable size that is encouraging me to add further to it. Or even a bit of a lazy crafter whose strong point is not finishing. You'd need to like grafting a bit to tackle that one is my suggestion. The progress is just going to be a bit slower from here on in. No seams and small, bite-sized milestones!

I have made many large blankets for family. Will hopefully get to play with the squares tomorrow and get the positioning right. They were all a little larger than baby blanket size and not fancy in any way.

I love the idea of a scrap blanket and have been wanting to start one for a while. They were also scrap blankets, using all manner of colors. The first was a chevron in cream, purple, brown and teal; the second was a bowtie quilt pattern with the bowties in rainbow variegated and the background black.

I also knit a lace baby blanket in cotton for my first girl, and started another for my new girl.

I also have an on-going scrap beekeepers quilt that hasn't been added to in over a year.

I enjoyed the stories of the other blankets too!

I have unfinished projects littering every room, and gardening ones outside. If you would like to increase the size, you can do so by adding any multiple of six to the original instructions and working from there. The pattern was easy enough for a clunky beginner like me, and it turned out so beautiful!

I keep on finishing the pattern (yo k3tog yo k3) and having 6 stitches left to knit at the end of the row (or start a new pattern and come up short).

I thought that part of the "yarn over" was do do a stitch after you move the yarn. Better yet, perhaps you know a knitter who can sit with you for a few minutes to be sure you are working the increases and decreases properly?

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