The wings are separate from the dress, and are attached with velcro. Trace bodice template onto lightweight iron-on interfacing.

Doll Fairy Wings
Cut out, remembering to add seam allowances all the way around. Pin bodice right side down on lining fabric, and cut out, leaving the two pinned together. Sew up one side of back opening, around neckline, and down other back side, stitching directly on the traced line.

I prefer to hand-baste before machine sewing.Roll up the shoulder ruffles as shown and pin. This is to keep them neatly out of the way when sewing the armhole seams. Pin underarm seams as shown, with bodice underarms together, and lining underarms together. Press seam open, and then press bodice flat. If you are going to use flower petals at the waist, pin them in place along the bottom of the bodice first and baste into place. Gather tricot flower petals onto bodice over flower petals.

Add any ribbons, fancy yarns, or cheesecloth between the layers as desired. Machine stitch across all layers at the waist.

You can add a ribbon bow with flower at the waist if desired. The top and bottom wings are separate from each other. Cut a rough rectangle of fabric somewhat larger than the wings. Place fabric on top, making sure it's touching the glue-covered wire. When the glue is completely dry, trim away the excess fabric. Check to make sure the fabric is actually glued to the wire everywhere. If not, just squirt a little extra glue along the inside edges. After applying all the glitter paint around the outside and drawing in the veins, sprinkle with matching colour fine glitter. Prop the hemostat (still holding the wing) into something secure so the wing can dry. When the wing is thoroughly dry, brush a light layer of gloss water-base varnish just over the glitter, so the wing doesn't end up continually shedding glitter forever. Cut a short length of velcro, and equal lengths of the same width satin ribbon. Apply hot glue to cardboard square and press onto centre wing wires. Cut strip of nylon tricot from same fabric as fairy dress. Hot glue thee rosette onto the satin ribbon side of the wings. Barbie doll's back -- they have a butterfly shape and inspiration. When you're ready for a wow moment, push the button within her necklace, and watch her wings fly off into the air. It's so cool and so much fun to repeat over and over!

She is very sporty and really into science (not to mention dogs and any other animals) - any ideas??

We're lucky to have you sharing your fabulous ideas with us too.

We don't have any pollypockets -- but do have a growing collection of playmobile, and at present, the only thing they have to live in is a barn!

Thanks for the wonderful step by step instructions!

And the anatomically-accurate butterfly wings.

It goes against the laws of the universe. Maybe fall, when things slow down a little around here and there are moody-looking brown leaves everywhere on our lawn. We'll put some out in the backyard and have the girls go hunt for them. About fairy babies - please let them not be caterpillars.

I shall faint and never like fairies ever again.

I think, though, that they are mini-fairies. They may not even have wings when really tiny. Great ideas - you are making excited for when my girls get a little older. The 1980s barbie arms on my old doll are slaying me. Thanks for the great ideas and the free art to use. We've got about ten from three different sales.

Doll Fairy Wings

I love all the things you do with your children.

I was trying to come up with a fun craft that she would actually use. Your kids are blessed to live in creative heaven. What a fabulous idea - this makes me want to do these for myself even more than the kids!

I stumbled across your blog and just love all your creative ideas!

I want to play with your mini laminator!!

I cannot wait to save my empty bottles for these.

I noticed you wrote about having lots of neat science ideas, could you share them with me as well please?

Filth Wizardry

Wonderful ideas, beautifully constructed. The littlest one and the round white one had those shrink wrap plastic labels that you can just cut off, and the big blue one had a label that soaked off in soapy water. Just posted about the fairy houses we made.

I decided to use your wings as a template to cut the wings from milk jugs. All of these beautiful jug house and wing artworks make me wanna be a kid again.

I love your ideas, thanks so so much for sharing. Kids will really enjoy playing with those. Fortunately we were hitting bedtime so she was fine with waiting for them to dry. Great idea, love the quirky shape of the fairy jug houses!

For example, one could illustrate the life of a butterfly, beginning with the egg, then on through the caterpillar. He loves to make stuff with and for our kids as well.His domain is more in the realms of electronics, but he makes other stuff too. A five year old, a six year old and a brand new teeny baby. Her wings detach and really fly off into the air. Each has a solid body and wings brightly decorated with rainbow colors so they can be easily spotted. Little hands will find it easy to repeat as often as they like. Prepare for flight by pulling the purple bow at the doll’s wait 4 times.
Hi guys!

Today we're making these Fairy Doll Wings^^ You can make these for any size of doll; I made mine for a Barbie ...

When ready to fly, push the button hidden in her bodice. The rainbow wings will soar into the air with a fluttering motion and a magical butterfly effect. They snap right in to create a gorgeous double set of wings. When you're ready to see the wings fly, press the butterfly button hidden on her bodice -- the flying wings launch and soar into the air!

It's so much fun to repeat over and over, especially with two sets of wings. Kids will love sending their stories into the sky. The pink bodice has rainbow stripes and stars, and the fairy skirt has a shimmery print of clouds and rainbows. A pink tiara adds a royal touch for fancy fairy occasions. Bought it for a 5 years old girl birthday.

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